The Pure Company Large Room Air Purifier

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The Large Room Air Purifier by The Pure Company has a new, elegant designer disposition that's whisper-quiet. A carbon pre-filter zaps odors, while catching dust bunnies and pet hair. And then the True HEPA filter traps and removes 99.97% of the too-small-to-see things that aggravate allergies and asthma.

But, just in case that's not enough to grant you peace of mind, there is also an aromatherapy option to scent your home with 100% pure essential oils.


The Pure Company Large Essential Oil Aromatherapy Pads
| $12.00
The Pure Company 100% Pure Allergy-Friendly Essential Oil Set
| $38.00
The Pure Company Carbon Filter Water Decanter
| $229.00
Product Specifications

Room Size: 750 square feet
Size: 24.2" H, 10.9" D
Weight: 15.2 lbs.
CADR: 240


  • Carbon pre-filter traps dust, while getting rid of odors
  • True HEPA filter remove particles as small as 0.3 microns
  • 360-degree filter design cleans a large room from all directions
  • Lighting feature changes color to indicate air-quality cleaning level
  • Whisper-quiet fan with 4 manual speed settings
  • Auto Mode self-adjusts fan speed to the room’s air quality level
  • Sleep Mode setting for reduced noise and light levels
  • 6 cleaning interval timer settings, with auto shut-off when cycle completes
  • Auto alert for HEPA filter replacement
  • Aromatherapy option for use with use for 100% pure essential oils
  • Aromatherapy pad included