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We have purchased numerous humidifiers over the years...so many I've lost count. This far exceeds my expectations. Finally bought one from an Allergy company, can't believe it took me so long. This is so easy to fill, so quiet, and unbelievably easy to clean. A+++. I am ordering more for my big kids as gifts. Thank you

Would Highly Recommend

I purchased the Ecosphere Air Cleaner a little over a month ago and wanted to wait to do an actual review to see if it really worked. I live in an 1200 sq home with 1 dog and no matter how much I clean and dust you can still see dust particles in the air and sometimes smell dog. After 30 days I see barely any dust particles floating around and the air just has a freshness to it. I would definitely say it is working!

Replacement combo HEPA carbon filter cartridge for the QuietPure Home Plus Air Purifier by Aerus. This filter for my purifier is the greatest. And 2 days before its arrival I changed my HVAC return filter with a MERV13 filter that traps all airborne particles greater than 0.3 microns. Both of these filters work together to provide my apartment with excellent air quality. My air purifier constantly shows me a PM 2.5 reading below 23, which is excellent.

Evap 40

Don't expect to fill it with tap water. It requires distilled water, although is not specified on the description. The owners manual does mention it.

After using one purchased a 2nd one.

I have been running my 2 QuietPure air purifiers daily for years changing the filters, as directed. When replacing one air filter today, and seeing all the dust on the filter it made me appreciate all the more my purchase. It definitely has helped with my allergies & is super quiet at night, if you like. Others have remarked how quiet it has been during the day, too, when on Auto. What’s more I find little dust on my furniture. It really has made a difference & does its job! After years use still going strong!

Great Product

The filter works great for the air purifier. We have two, replace the filters when needed, and are very happy with the product.

Very good service. Product arrived on time

Very pleased with the poduct and the timing of receipt of the product

Good product. Easy to install replacement. Filter with carbon hepa is heavier n more expensive..just make sure u get the one u want. Had to wait couple of mths because they were out of stock..Best to ensure u get correct one by going directly thru quietpure website.

I've had this for awhile; always thought about writing a review but hadn't. Right after the 1 yr. warranty ended, two things went wrong. First, even though it didn't have a UV sensor, an alarm started going off periodically letting me know my UV sensor needed servicing. Then the actual digital sensor numbers started to show up distorted so they can't be understood. When I called the servicing dept., I was advised when the alarm sounds to press a sensor button so it will stop. But the alarm may go off at any time, such as 3 am. And the sensor buttons still do not work. So the machine has continued to run but with those attributes. If I had known these issues would show up right after the 1 yr. warranty ended, I would not have purchased it.

The initial price of the QuietPure unit itself was fairly reasonable but the cost of the replacement filters at $129+tax given they last 6 months is pricey. Replacement air filters are always excluded from any special pricing offers on products offered by the company. How about at least offering a buy one at regular price and get a second one at 50% off?

This filter was easy to install and am looking forward to continued use of my quality air filter.

We have cats and it keeps the dander and smell down. I love how it lets me know when it needs to be changed.

Our only reservation is that some dripping inevitably occurs during the refilling process. Otherwise it is a high quality product.

The only issue with it is the control lights are a blue color. Not recommended for good sleep by natural health people.

I bought the SF920 from ABC early last November, and have used it alongside a Boneco S200 (w/o the ceramic pad) for the last two months. These are, in my opinion, the two best room-sized steamers available and have much in common; similar power consumption, tank size, and ease of cleaning. Boneco advantages: "hotter" steam disperses in the room more quickly, and the water level in the tank is easily visible from a distance. SF920 advantages: MUCH quieter in operation, easy to fill without removing the tank, costs less than half as much. For use in a bedroom, the SF920 wins hands-down. Given the fact that you can buy two SF920's for the price of one S200, this steamer is a no-brainer and a real bargain.

I have used so many humidifiers - wicks, no wicks, white dust, leaky water containers, noisy fans, you name it. This is the FIRST humidifier I've used that finally just has a BUCKET. You fill the bucket, place the bucket, turn the machine on. Period. That's it.

Additionally - I've been using this for a month, every night, and it's still perfectly clean. No muck or mold to speak of. If there was any, the design is incredibly straightforward and grabbing a paper towel to wipe it out would be a breeze. WAY easier than other humidifiers that require you to dismantle it into several pieces and soak in a special concoction.

Highly recommend this product.

We purchased two of the BONECO U300 humidifiers recently. 1 for bedroom, 1 for living room. The top fill is a very nice feature and part of why we chose it. Easy to clean. Sadly, one of the units makes a lot more noise than the other. Kind of a grinding sound. We emailed Allergy Buyers club about the problem, no response. Also, it would be a great feature to be able to turn off lighted dial

The air purifier itself works very well and is very quiet. Our only complaint is that we have to order a new filter so often (every six months is recommended, but we have been able to go a full year as we have no pets, no carpet, good A/C). We didn't realize that when we first bought the unit and, if we ever have to replace it, we will look for one that has a filter we can clean to continue using. In spite of that, we are very happy we've had this air purifier during California's too many fires and subsequent "bad air days."

I have the defender, it has run not stop since 2003 and I've never had a single problem. I have numerous lung problem and two dogs, the air is alway fresh smelling. Couldn't do without it. Thank you Filter Queen!

My wife and I love this amazing wool topper! No more overheating and finally, we both can sleep throughout the entire night. We definitely recommend this awesome product, which is worth every penny!

I highly recommend the Austin Air purifiers. I did a 10 year analysis of this purifier compared to a competitor's product I was considering. Both are highly recommended by professionals. This product won out for the best value with replacement filter costs. I am 100% pleased with simplicity, quietness, ease of use and effectiveness. I plugged it in straight out of the box, no other set up required. I know the air quality in my home is now staying clean and pure.

Before purchasing the H300, I spent hours researching different humidifier/air purifier combos and after reading expert reviews, comparing prices, filter type and quality, efficiency, water tank size, features and noise level, I finally settled on this. And I'm SO HAPPY I did! It's so sleek, easy to use AND clean, quiet but also if it's turned up gives off a comforting “white noise” sound I love, can be used with essential oils if desired, comes with a handy app to control levels from your phone, effective and amazing customer service (from both BONECO and Allergy Buyer's Club). It arrived very quickly after ordering and was super easy to put together and start using. The cleanliness, freshness and humidity in our bedroom is amazing. I do live in MN and we gave to have the heat cranked right now (Feb temps are below zero) so it is somewhat difficult to keep the humidity levels up without running it all day and night but we love it! Easy to fill up the water tank and the app keeps track of when the unit needs to be cleaned, which is also very easy. I've recommended this product to all my friends and family!

I'm very pleased with this product. Works well. Easy to fill, doesn't leak. Needed more humidity in my house. Wanted a vaporizer instead of a hypersonic humidifier like I've used before so that I don't have a risk of mold. Most options I considered on Amazon had miserable reviews (messy, leaky, short life span) so I was excited when I found this product. Very happy with the design. So glad I bought it. Very easy to clean and I expect it to continue to work for a reasonable length of time.

Wonderful product.
Easy to use.
Easy to clean.

So far this product is during a great job. Removes odors and appears to keep the air clean. Easy to place in room due to its small size. I have two larger air purifiers and I love them but they are quite large and noisy.