Warm Mist Humidifiers

Warm mist humidifiers used to be called vaporizers because of how they make humidity. Older vaporizers used an internal boiler plate to boil water into a warm steam. Unfortunately vaporizing humidifiers proved to be unreliable due how different water can be. The slightest amount of hardness in your water would result in minerals sticking to the boiler plate, making it an irreparable appliance that must be thrown out and replaced. Despite having a shorter unit lifespan, warm mist humidifiers still remain extremely popular because they are likely what you grew up with. Today’s warm mist humidifiers have been designed to cope with different types of water and are reliable and effective at humidifying larger areas than ever before. Warm mist is widely considered healthier since the boiling of water destroys waterborne microorganisms and bacteria. Ultimately, warm mist humidifiers are a great choice when you need relief from asthma, a cold, or the flu symptoms.

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