Who We Are

Since 1998, Allergy Buyers Club has been a trusted source for honest product reviews and ratings. We are an authorized reseller of the most effective and well-recognized healthy home products available from the world’s top manufacturers. Guaranteed to deliver relief from allergens and increase home comfort.

Allergy Buyers Club is an allergy, asthma, and sinus portal site, which had primarily been an information and community site during the late 90s, until the launch of our e-commerce facilities in 2000.

President and CEO, Mercia Tapping founded Allergy Buyers Club in 1998 with the intent to provide consumers with a solution to the lack of both good allergy medical information and products in one place. After a decade of struggling to find a product that relieved her crippling headaches, Tapping tested many different products before she achieved her goal of being headache and allergy-free. Tapping explains how Allergy Buyers Club’s online shopping caters to individual consumers in a unique way:

“We aim to recreate the experience of visiting an old-fashioned neighborhood store, where the storekeeper presents you with a wide range of choices, tells you the pluses and minuses of each product, and gives you some overall guidance and education. Then you would make your choice depending on your specific needs.”

The job of our store is to educate, not restrict consumer choices. With a business model rejected by venture capitalists, we are proud to put our customers first. Rather than inflating the value of our products, we prioritize home comfort and building customer loyalty by being a source that consumers can trust.

We pride ourselves on providing customers with honest product reviews from Healthy Home Experts and customers, so they are fully aware of what we believe the product's strengths and weaknesses are.

In addition to our many honest online reviews, we are also a top-ranked member of the Better Business Bureau. Not only are we an authorized online retailer of top brands for all the healthy home products we sell, but we have become a trusted source for honest product reviews and ratings.