QuietPure Home Air Purifier

Simply stated, we believe the QuietPure HEPA air purifier is quieter, cleans more air and is easier to use than other leading brands. Intelligent monitoring of actual particle count, from particle count to relative humidity and even temperature. The QuietPure Home HEPA air purifier quietly and quickly reacts to changes in your air quality, ensuring your home or office is always a healthy sanctuary. Removes dust, allergens, pet dander, mold spores, viruses, smoke, odors and from particle count to relative humidity. Authorized QuietPure dealer. Fast, Free Shipping.
  • Purifies the air in rooms up to 1278 square feet
  • 6-foot decibel reading of just 32 on low speed
  • Intuitive LCD display and soft touch controls
  • Patented, quiet turbo-charged airflow
  • Measures air quality in your home down to PM2.5
  • Captures 99.97% of all particles down to 0.3 microns
  • Certified by CARB (the California Air Resources Board)
  • Unique, attractive design
  • Measures and displays: PM2.5 particle count, relative humidity, and temperature
  • 3 Airflow speeds plus Turbo and Night Mode
  • Auto Mode - Automatically adjusts fan speed
  • Night Mode - Dims display lighting and runs on super quiet speed
  • Turbo Mode - Turbo air flow will clean the air very quickly
  • Industry leading combination 3-stage filter:
    • Includes a combination pre-filter, HEPA and activated carbon cartridge
  • Manufactured in China
  • Model Number: Home
  • Square Foot Coverage: 1278 sq. ft.
  • Delivered Air Flow: 341 cfm
  • Rated Air Flow of Fan: -
  • Fan Speeds: 3 speeds, plus Night Mode
  • Clean Air Density Rate (CADR): Not tested by AHAM
  • Decibels: 32-65 dB(A)
  • Pre-filter: Combo pre-filter, HEPA and activated carbon
  • Carbon Filter: Carbon VOC Filter Cartridge
  • Particle Filter: Combo pre-filter, HEPA and activated carbon
  • Power Requirements: 100-120V; 50/60Hz
  • Energy Consumption: 2.6 - 70 watts
  • Dimensions: 28.22"h x 13.11" dia.
  • Weight: 12.78 lbs.
  • Finish / Color: White
Once in a while we come across a product which is a real game changer, and this is one of them! After putting this air purifier through our rigorous testing protocol, the QuietPure Home came through with flying colors. In fact, nearly flawless, it really doesn't get any better. This QuietPure Home is the industry’s newest, most advanced air purifier for both residential and office environments. It is quieter (essentially silent), cleans more air and is easier to use than other brands; making the Home air purifier our first choice for allergy sufferers and those who suffer from asthma or severe respiratory diseases such as COPD. With your new QuietPure, you are equipped with real data that puts you in control of your home's health, enabling you to make changes to your environment and secure the health and well being of everyone in the family. Category Winner for Quiet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Robert Bushman

The product seemed to function well, but when I went to put it into storage, I found that the pads underneath had scorched my hardwood floor. I spoke to David Barnaby who was very nice and promised to replace the unit....I was more concerned about my floor, but did manage to repair that myself. His supervisor, Elizabeth, said she would send a replacement unit. I have contacted them several times, but 15 months later I still have not been able to get my unit replaced.

Rubber on Hardwood Floors

We have really liked the unit. First one quit working a nd they sent us out another one about a year or so ago. The unit runs good but the issue I have is the pads leave a residue on the floors ? I tried to clean them off but they're still There ? I don't know what material their made of but they should make that known !!!

After using one purchased a 2nd one.

I have been running my 2 QuietPure air purifiers daily for years changing the filters, as directed. When replacing one air filter today, and seeing all the dust on the filter it made me appreciate all the more my purchase. It definitely has helped with my allergies & is super quiet at night, if you like. Others have remarked how quiet it has been during the day, too, when on Auto. What’s more I find little dust on my furniture. It really has made a difference & does its job! After years use still going strong!


I've had this for awhile; always thought about writing a review but hadn't. Right after the 1 yr. warranty ended, two things went wrong. First, even though it didn't have a UV sensor, an alarm started going off periodically letting me know my UV sensor needed servicing. Then the actual digital sensor numbers started to show up distorted so they can't be understood. When I called the servicing dept., I was advised when the alarm sounds to press a sensor button so it will stop. But the alarm may go off at any time, such as 3 am. And the sensor buttons still do not work. So the machine has continued to run but with those attributes. If I had known these issues would show up right after the 1 yr. warranty ended, I would not have purchased it.


This is my third air purifier purchased from Allergy Buyers Club, the others are Blueair. The Quietpureis all plastic and the Blueair are all metal , heavy and industrial in appearance. The Quietpure is a lot less money and I do like it as well as the Blueairs.
Even though the Quietpure is higher tech with a phone app and sensors and display it is still only a very good, reasonably priced air purifier consisting of a fan and HEPA filter. If you get it don't expect much from the tech aspects like PM sensor ,etc. as they don't really add much.