The Pure Company Signature Carbon Block Filter


Genuine replacement filter for the Pure Company Carbon Water Decanter. This filter is faster then the previously installed Carbon Block Water filter and still removes many of the harmful impurities found in tap water such as chloramines, lead, heavy metals, pesticides, VOCs, & trihalomethanes. The Signature Carbon Filter is designed for municipal water and well water sources. It improves the taste of your water and removes odors and improves clarity. Replace every 750 gallons, 1 year, or more often depending on water quality.

No priming required.


  • High capacity, high flow Signature Carbon Filter
  • Specifically designed for municipal water sources
  • Improves the taste of your water, removes odors and increases clarity
  • Premium Carbon Block Filter removes between 95-99% of substances like chlorine, chromium, lead, and mercury from tap water
  • Our Premium Carbon Block Filter is specially designed to discourage bacteria growth
  • Our decanter filters are over 60% cheaper to replace than those used by major water pitcher brands
  • Designed to last for approximately one year (750 gallons)

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Kathryn Bearce
Small filter great savings

I was so pleased to be able to get the filter. I love my water decanter. Friends are always commenting on the style and size. My water periodically has a sulphur odor and this filter removes it leaving water tasting pure and sweet. Absolutely love the fact it only has to be changed once a year. Saves me from buying bottled water.

Gio A
Love this filter

Works great and I love the taste of the water. Filters quickly and effectively.

Deni Niko
Great product

I actually received nit only a carbon filter but also a decanter. Quality product I’ve been using for past 4 years.

Amanda ODea
Great Carbon Filter

I love my The Pure Company Water Decanter and these replacement carbon filters are very easy use, they make the water taste great, and they last a long time. They are easy to install, run it under water for a minute and then it can be put in the decanter and you can start using it right away!


Works great. The filter is quick speed but filters out just as good as the slow flow filter.