Respiray Wear A+ Wearable HEPA Allergy Purifier


Experience instant allergy relief with Respiray Wear A+. This wearable HEPA air purifier filters out 99.9% of allergens, creating a protective shield of clean air around your mouth and nose. If you don’t breathe in allergens, you won't have an allergic reaction - it's that simple! Clinically proven effectiveness against pollen, pet dander, dust mites, and mold. Lightweight, comfortable, and easy-to-use design ensures clean air wherever you go!

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Meet the revolutionary Respiray Wear A+


The world's most effective wearable HEPA air purifier is here. Designed to offer protection without covering the face, this wearable air purifier shields you from allergens, including pollen, dust mites, pet dander and mold.

  Amimated image of a woman picking up a Respiray Wear A+  

Respiray Wear A+ filters out 99.9% of airborne allergens and provides maximum protection by maintaining a constantly renewing cloud of clean air directly around your mouth and nose, preventing you from inhaling unfiltered air.



End your struggles with airborne allergies

If you suffer from hay fever or are allergic to pet dander or dust mites...

You are most likely familiar with the challenges of frequent sneezing, watery eyes and an itchy nose...

  Woman suffering from allergies blowing her nose next to her dog on the couch  

And you have probably tried the most common, but not ideal, solutions:

Antihistamines Icon Traditional air purifiers Icon Other wearable solutions Icon
Allergy medications

Traditional air purifiers

Other wearable solutions

can cause unwanted side effects
are not always close enough to offer protection from allergens
are ineffective or block your mouth and nose


Why Respiray Wear A+ is the perfect solution?


If you avoid breathing in allergens, you won't have an allergic reaction.

It's that simple - and Respiray Wear A+ has clinically proven that!

  A smiling man sitting at a desk with phone in right hand a coffee cup in the left also wearing a Respiray Wear A+ personal air purifier around his neck  

Medically proven allergy relief


Respiray Wear A+ has undergone rigorous clinical and laboratory testing with various allergens, including pollen, pet dander, and dust mites.


• Clinical trials have concluded that Respiray Wear A+ can reduce allergic symptoms even more effectively than antihistamines or immunotherapy.


• Unlike allergy medications, Respiray Wear A+ offers instant protection with no side effects.


Comfortable to wear


The device is lightweight and small. And it does not block your mouth and nose like some other wearable solutions, meaning you can freely communicate, eat and drink while beign protected from allergic reactions.


Easy to use


Just one button to operate – turns the device on or off and switches between two airflow settings. There is no need to download any apps – you can see when it's time to recharge the device or replace the HEPA filter from the indicator LEDs.

4 and half trust pilot star rating logo

Our Trustpilot reviews speak for themselves!

9 out of 10 people who have purchased Respiray Wear A+ say it helps them a lot.



How does Respiray Wear A+ work?

  Chart showing that the Respiray Wear A+ moves more airflow then an adult lung capacity, meaning every breath will be purifier air  

The average adult breathes 6-10 liters per minute. Wear A+ purifies 70 liters per minute (700%) on the normal setting and 120 liters per minute (1200%) on the higher setting. This ensures Respiray purifies more than 10 times the air than needed for breathing, minimizing air mixing and providing optimal protection.

A diagram of what the respiray wear A+ filters out of the unpurified air, which is dander, dust, pollen, and mold A diagram of the respiray wear A+ disassembled to show how everything fits together Diagram showing clean air flow of a Respiray Wear A+
1. Air filled with allergens is drawn into the device from below. 2. The HEPA H12 (MERV 17) filter in Wear A+ captures 99.9% of allergens. 3. The constantly renewing cloud of clean air provides instant protection.
  An animation showing air flow around face while wearing a Respiray Wear A+  

Respiray Wear A+ directs the purified air towards your mouth and nose. This constantly renewing cloud of clean air acts as a protective shield, preventing you from inhaling allergen particles. You will breathe only clean, allergen-free air, purified by the effective HEPA H12 filter.


When using Respiray Wear A+, you'll remain shielded from airborne allergens, meaning you won't experience an allergic reaction.



Respiray Wear A+ use cases

Hay fever season Cleaning at home
Woman creating a flower arrangement while wearing Repiray Wear A+ Woman dusting a ceing light wearing Respiray Wear A+
A must-have for pollen allergy sufferers Relief for those with dust and mold allergies
Being around pets Traveling
Woman sitting wearing Respiray A+ on couch with her cat Man coming out of airport wearing Repiray Wear A
Ideal for cat and dog dander allergies Protection against environmental pollutants


What Respiray Wear A+ users say?



ECARF Quality Seal


Proof that the product offers a significant improvement in quality of life for consumers who have allergies.

  man holding a bunny sitting on a couch wearing the Respiray A+ and woman id feeding the rabbit, it is great for people that are allergic to pets  

This product is certified by the European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation.



Tests and certifications

Clinical trials in Germany Peer-reviewed medical publication
"A reduction in symptoms of this magnitude is not achieved by most anti-allergic drugs." "Most anti-allergy medications do not relieve the symptoms to this extent."
Clinal Trial Cover Medical Journey Peer Review Excerpt
European Centre for Allergy Research Foundation (ECARF) Allergologie select, Vol. 8/2024 (70-77)
Laboratory tests in the USA Global compliance
"Respiray's HEPA filter is over 99.9% effective at filtering airborne allergens." "Respiray Wear A+ complies with the FCC, CE, IC and UKCA standards."
IBR Laboratories Test Report FCC Marking
SGS North America Inc. Attestation of Global Compliance Co., Ltd


Features and benefits

Lightweight Icon Quiet Fans Icon
Image displaying how small and lightweight the Respiray Wear A+ is Respiray Wear A+ Fans
At a mere 0.65 lbs, Wear A+ is as lightweight as an iPad mini or a larger smartphone. The device's high quality fans guarantee maximum protection while keeping noise to a minimum.
Image show line diagram of the HEPA filter and stating 99.9% effective Power button symbol following text stating two air flows
Respiray Wear A+ HEPA filter Power button of Pesiray Wear A+ showing indicator lights for fan speed
The H12 HEPA filter (MERV 17), which is simple to replace, provides approximately 200 hours of usage (about 3 months). With just a click, effortlessly switch between low airflow for stationary moments and high airflow during movement.
Text Stating that one size fits all Text stating super easy to wear
Showing neckstrap is adjustable for anyone to use Shows magnetic nect strap connectors which makes it easy to put on and take off but will not slip if jarred
Thanks to its adjustable strap, Wear A+ accommodates users ranging from 13 to 100 years old. Wear A+ features a magnetic strap, helps you to put on or take off the device in a second.
Text stating batter life up to 8 hours ext stating that the unit is charged by USB type-c
Wear A+ power button and indicator light side USB type-c charging cable next to Wear A+
Wear A+ is powered by a secure 2000 mAh lithium-ion battery. Using a standard USB-C charger, Wear A+ achieves a full charge in a mere 3 hours.


Respiray Wear A+ unboxing

  Image showing everything in the box, the purifier, neck strap, 2 HEPA filters, Type-c charging cable, and a prefilter   Unboxing & Wearing Respiray Wear A+ animated image  


Respiray Wear A+ summary in 72 seconds





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Weight Main unit: 0.57 lb | 261 g
Strap: 0.05 lb | 24 g
Filters: 0.03 lb | 14 g
Dimensions 4.7 x 7.8 x 1.9 in | 12 x 20 x 5 cm
Airflow Regular mode: 2.5 CFM | 70 l/min
Turbo mode: 4.2 CFM | 120 l/min
Battery Li-Ion battery 3.7 V | 2000 mAh | 7.4 Wh
8 hours usage in regular mode, rechargeable via USB-C
Noise level 45 dBA
Operating conditions Temperature: 50–105 °F | 10–40 °C
Relative humidity: 15%–75%
Filtration type Main filter: High-efficiency HEPA 12 (MERV 17)
Pre-filter: Reticulated foam (washable)
Active allergen reduction >99.9% at 2.5 CFM | 70 l/min
Warranty 1-year limited manufacturer's warranty
HEPA filter maintenance Change after 200 hours of usage – the blue indicator LED on the device will turn on.
Or every 6 months, if you have used the device for less than 200 hours.
Pre-filter maintenance Regularly check the filter – if it is dusty or dirty, wash it with water and allow it to dry thoroughly before inserting it back into the device.

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