Airpura TitanClean™ Reflector

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The TitanClean™ Reflector provides a large amount of TiO2 coated surface area that break down the molecular bonds of chemicals until only carbon dioxide and and water vapor are left.

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The angled reflector design maximizes the range of photo-catalytic oxidation within the filter chamber and increases the germicidal effect of the lamp. The location of the TitanClean™ reflector and the UV light in the center of the filter chamber allows them to work in concert with the HEPA filter. Particulate pollution is stopped by the Hepa filter before reaching the reflector. This keeps the coated surface cleaner and more effective.

The TitanClean™ Catalytic Oxidizer combined with the 8.16 kg Activated Carbon filter offers the most complete airborne chemical and VOC abatement available today

Airpura TitanClean™ Reflector


Airpura TitanClean™ Reflector

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  Airpura TitanClean™ Reflector

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