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IQAir New Edition Air Purifiers

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IQAir air purifiers provide a level of air purification that other vendors can only dream of emulating. The New Edition IQAir HealthPro and GC Series air purifiers are now 32% quieter, deliver 25% more clean air and have 38% longer filter life!During our testing virtually nothing escaped the IQAir hyper-Hepa filter, whether it was pet dander, viruses, pollen, dust mites, mold spores, or bacteria. A huge capacity pre-filter, highest grade carbon filter for odor and gas removal, filter change indicator lights, and six fan-speed settings make this Swiss made air purifier the industry gold standard. The IQAir HealthPro Plus is our most popular air purifier model and the IQAir GC Series are superb for VOC removal. For help choosing which IQAir Air Purifier is best for you, see our IQAir Comparison Chart to compare features, pluses and minuses of each model.

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A king amongst princes, and try as they may, while other air purifier manufacturers may nip at their heels here and there, in the end IQAir reigns supreme. Put simply, this manufacturer has done everything right, and when we want to recommend the best air purifier for someone with serious allergy and asthma problems, it is to IQAir that we turn to first. When we tested these air purifiers, virtually nothing escaped their HyperHEPA filter. This is very important as lung penetrating particles are smaller than even a regular HEPA filter can capture. Packed with superior technological features such as a huge capacity pre-filter, filter change indicator lights, a HEPA filter efficiency rating second to none and six fan-speed settings. IQAir air purifiers are as good as it gets. No expense has been spared in the manufacturing of this air purifier and it shows; you get what you pay for.

IQAir manufactures the ultimate air purifiers for those with serious health issues and require absolute clean air. Although they are rather pricey, if you prefer to buy top quality and get what you pay for, you will not be disappointed. We are very impressed IQAir provides actual, not theoretical, claims for each and every air cleaner they produce. This quality control assures the IQAir Air Purifier you purchase has been tested for performance before you receive it.

  • Robust Pre-filter: a high efficiency, high-capacity, tightly pleated filter pack that holds back over 90% of all dust mass and prolongs the life and performance of the V5 cell gas filter and the hyper HEPA filter by a factor of 10
  • Superior hyper HEPA filter: has a micro particle retention rate up to 100 times higher than regular HEPA filters with a surface area larger than most of the air purifiers on the market
  • High performance V5 cell gas & odor filter: a V-shaped compact filter filled with granular wide spectrum gas & odor control media which remove the gaseous contaminants both by physical adsorption and chemical breakdown while a maximum level of airflow is maintained) IQair manufacturers special air purifiers for the control of gaseous contaminants.
  • Maximum room coverage of up to 1000 sq. ft.: for the Healthpro and up to 900 sq. ft. for the Healthpro Plus when running on the highest speed. When run on the medium speeds they will cover a room up to 600 sq. ft.
  • Good for bedroom use with lower than average noise level: on the first two fan speeds, on the third speed it is a pleasant quiet background hum, speed 4 is a bit noisy but some users will tolerate it, and like all HEPA air purifiers, it is fairly noisy on speed 5 and 6. These high speeds are best suited for quick cleaning of a room or for use when no one is home.
  • Filter life and replacement costs: the IQAir's design allows filters to be replaced individually and on different schedules, which off-set the fairly high price of having to replace all 3 filters at the same time. Average annual filter replacement costs are approximately $142 for the Healthpro and $201 for the Healthpro Plus.
  • Advanced controls and remote: one of the big pluses of the IQAIR air purifiers are their control options. While we did not see the need for the remote control, we were impressed with the ability to set the machine to go on and off at certain pre-designated times and fan speeds. The four button touch pad displays the programming timer status, filter life and status, and fan speed.
  • Easy to change filters: all the filters stack up in a modular fashion and can be changed with no tools necessary
  • Constructed of non-off gassing: ABS materials that are UV stabilized and high impact resistant
  • 3-D Ultra-seal design: a three-dimensional seal between the filter element and the housing of the air cleaner that does not allow any air to by-pass the filters so all the air is cleaned
  • Filter change indicator lights: provided for each of the 3 filters and they display green until 20% of the filter life remains, orange when 20% remains, red when 10% remains, and flashing red when it should be replace. You should order your replacement filters when the indicator is orange or red.
  • Has been in business since the 1960’s: selling air purifying products to hospitals and industrial clean-rooms
  • Certified performance: each IQAir air purifier is measured at the factory and certified by the quality control engineer who tested it. Included in each box is a certificate of performance in air delivery, filter leakage, and particle filtration efficiency.
  • IQAir will cover their air purifiers for a full 5 years: against defect in parts and labor since they consist of the highest quality components and are assembled in Switzerland with great care, pride, and attention to detail.
  • Quality of Filters: IQAir designs and manufactures all of their filters so you can be assured of the quality which includes the completion of the tight seal to the housing to eliminate bypassing to attain 100% filtration
  • Value for the price: although they costs more than most air purifiers on the market, what IQAir provides in the way of quality, design, and performance strongly outweighs its higher price tag.

  • If quiet is the paramount feature you are looking for above all else, the IQAir air purifiers are not our quietest air purifier, although they are far from the noisiest, especially when run on the lower fan speeds.
  • It would be nice if they had an automatic setting including dust & odor sensors to regulate the fan speed, but those kinds of niceties pale in comparison for the need of really effective filtration.


Since more than 90% of all airborne particulates are smaller than 0.3 of a micron their 99.5% efficiency in this range takes them to the top of the class. We are still amazed when we observe the particle count of the air exiting the air purifier register zero particles on our meter.