Best Rated Allergy Relief Products

Spring is a welcome change in the seasons, but for the spring allergies sufferer, it contains some hazards which if not carefully controlled, can cause great misery. Depending on your geographical location, the spring allergy season starts in mid-March, and is usually over by end of June, although pollen can be problematical throughout the summer season.

Spring allergy sufferers often find the season severely debilitating. The most common symptoms are red, itchy and swollen eyes, incessant sneezing and a drippy nose, head and facial aches often caused by sinusitis, and poor sleep caused by the preceding symptoms. The spring allergy season may be relatively short, but if you suffer from spring allergies, you are counting the days until it ends; one way or another there is no getting away from it. Your first basic strategy is to prevent the pollens, which cause the spring allergies, from even entering your house – so keep doors and windows closed. But a basic investment you should make is a high quality Hepa air purifier and Hepa vacuum to remove indoor airborne allergens.

We recommend concentrating on making your bedroom a sanctuary, so that you get at least 8 hours rest from the pollen assault. You will need to put your air purifier on high fan speed a couple of hours before bedtime to clear the air. Then close the bedroom door and keep the air purifier on low fan speed during the night. Air purifiers are also recommended in other parts of the house and your office desktop, if applicable. Since pollen particles are relatively heavy and settle fast to the ground, using a Hepa vacuum is essential to vacuum carpets, upholstered furniture, furniture surfaces, and even walls where sticky pollen particles can find a resting place. Why would you use a Hepa sealed vacuum like a Miele or Sebo brand? So as not to blow the pollen particles back into the room through the exhaust system. You want particles safely trapped inside the vacuum cleaner.

A dehumidifier will help in keeping your home and basement dry and healthy, helping prevent mold from forming and growing that can also trigger allergies.

Here are our best rated allergy air purifiers, Hepa sealed vacuums and dehumidifiers to help you with your battle against spring allergies.