Imperial Nitrate Replacement Filter

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The Imperial Nitrate Replacement Filter has been discontinued.

Twin water filtration systems can reduce giardia, cryptosporidium, chlorine, lead, chloroform, Vocs, arsenic, fluoride, nitrates and particulates depending on water filter used up to 99.99%. Expert advice from knowledgeable staff. Fast free shipping and 30-day no hassle return policy. Ratings & reviews.

Our Imperial Twin Under Sink water filters offers a highly efficient filtration process while being tucked away under the sink to save counter space. This compact filter system utilizes the highly effective CeraUltra ceramic and carbon filter alongside a specific filter media of your choice to help remove specific contaminants such as Fluoride, Arsenic, MTBE, VOCs and Nitrates from your drinking water. Each system includes an under sink installation and an attractive chrome faucet to distribute the filtered water. Our Imperial water filters are easy to install and use and will provide excellent performance at a very affordable price.

  • 2 filter, pressurized, in-line water filtration system
  • Installs under a sink into the cold water line
  • Utilizes Imperial CeraUltra Imperial OBE Filter Cartridge:
    • Ceramic outer shell provides genuine sub micron filtration and reduces fine particulate matter, bacteria, cysts and turbidity
    • The incorporation of silver locked within the ceramic structure gives enhanced bacteriostatic and self sterilizing properties
    • Activated carbon block core removes chlorine and organic compounds
    • Zeolite metal ion reduction medium reduces Lead and other heavy metals
  • Second specific filter for removing/reducing unwanted chemicals and contaminants
  • Combinations available:
    • Fluoride/CeraUltra filtration: Fluoride is a common constituent of many minerals. Municipal water treatment plants commonly add fluoride to the water for prevention of tooth decay, and they try to maintain a level of 1.5-2.5 mg/l. The filter elements are designed to reduce fluorides in drinking water
    • VOC/CeraUltra filtration: 100% coconut shell carbon filter. Removes free chlorine and organic chemicals and specifically designed for use where sediment is an issue and taste and odor problems may be present
    • Nitrate/CeraUltra filtration: Most nitrates that occur in drinking water are the result of contamination of ground water supplies by septic systems, feed lots, and agriculture fertilizers. Filter will remove essentially prepared 100% of all nitrates and sulfates from drinking water for approximately 7,500 ppm.
    • Arsenic/CeraUltra filtration: Designed to reduce arsenic in drinking water to safe drinkable levels. Effective at removing arsenic at a wider range and requires little or no pH adjustment of the raw water.
    • MTBE/CeraUltra filtration: Methyl-tertiary-butyl-ether (MTBE) is the most common fuel additive used in reformulated gasoline. In drinking water, even trace amounts of MTBE can cause taste and odor problems. The M-1 granular used in the filter significantly exceeds the capacity for MTBE than that of standard activated coal-based carbon, thus reducing the threat of MTBE in drinking water.
  • Reduces up to 99% of soluble lead, iron and hydrogen sulfides
  • Carbon-block technology reduces >99.99% of particles 1/2 micron (absolute ANSI standard) and larger in size including pathogenic bacteria
  • Reduces asbestos fibers, dirt, chlorine taste and odor, mold, spores, algae and removes 100% Cryptosporidium and Giardia
  • Includes attractive standard long reach chrome faucet and under sink installation kit
  • For cold water use only
  • Plumber installation recommended
  • 3 year warranty

    AquaCera Imperial CeraUltra OBE Filter Efficiency:

    System Reduction % Reduction
    E.Coli/Cholera/Shigella/Typhoid/Klebsiella Terrigena >99.99%
    Cryptosporidium/Giardia >99.99%
    Insecticides/Herbicides >85%
    Phenols >50%
    Polyaromatic Hydrocarbons >95%
    Trihalomethanes >50%
    Free Chlorine Removal >97% NSF Class 1 std. 42
    Lead Removal >98.3% NSF std. 53

Standard Faucet

Care for AquaCera Imperial CeraUltra Replacement Filter: Due to filtration of particulates and contaminants from the water during use, the flow of the water from the filter may deteriorate over a period of time. To restore the water flow to its normal level, simply remove and clean by scrubbing the surface of the filter with an abrasive non detergent scouring pad. The reduced flow of water would be the indicator that it is time to clean your filter. The cleaning frequency will depend upon the quality of the water supply. Depending on use and water conditions filter should be replaced once a year.

When replacement filters should be changed (depends on water conditions and use):
  • Ultracarb: Should be changed every 600 gallons or every 8 - 12 months
  • VOC: Should be changed every 400 gallons or every 6 months
  • Fluoride: Should be changed every 400 gallons or every 6 months
  • Nitrate: Should be changed every 400 gallons or every 6 months
  • Arsenic: Should be changed every 400 gallons or every 6 months
  • MTBE: Should be changed every 400 gallons or every 6 months


  • This system utilizes a 4-stage CeraUltra ceramic filter, which we feel is the best filter option when it comes to removing parasites, lead, chlorine taste and odor and other harmful contaminants.
  • An additional filter is added to address a certain contaminant that may be presently high in your water supply. Each additional filter utilizes the same advanced technology as the CeraUltra filter for long-lasting effectiveness.
  • Will greatly reduce any metallic taste, chlorine taste and odor and other common contaminants typically found in one's drinking water supply.
  • Includes an attractive and durable chrome faucet for dispersing the filtered water
  • Economical and eco-friendly solution compared to purchasing bottled water.


  • Does require installation (we recommend hiring a professional) and possibly some alterations to the kitchen sink area.


Once the Imperial filtration system is set up, water will filter through its efficient CeraUltra ceramic filter and remove chlorine, sediment, bacteria and heavy metals and then pass through a specially designed filter to remove a specific contaminant that is presently high in your water supply. What you receive is clean, healthy drinking water for just pennies a day. It's durable housing and filters are designed for maximum filtration performance without loss of water flow. Another added benefit, is the system is designed to be neatly tucked underneath the sink. It is not as compact in size compared to some of our other under the counter filtration systems but won't take up the entire cabinet area in most homes. The water filtration system comes complete with all the great quality hardware needed for simple installation. The included attractive chrome faucet features a sturdy diverter valve which allows you to effortlessly switch from unfiltered to filtered water. One can install the chrome faucet in the existing sink spray attachment area or by drilling a hole in the sink top or countertop next to the sink. We do highly recommend having a certified plumber come to install the system since some alterations may be needed to the water supply connection and sink area. Overall, the installation process is quick and easy. In summary, we feel confident that the AquaCera Imperial water filter will meet the expectations for those seeking healthy, great tasting water.

Imperial Nitrate Replacement Filter

Imperial Nitrate Replacement Filter

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  Imperial Nitrate Replacement Filter

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