Bluewater Pro 400CV-HR Particle Pre-Filter


The Bluewater Pro 400CV-HR Particle Pre-Filter is the perfect solution to ensure crystal-clear water. Featuring advanced filtration technology, it removes suspended particles and debris, delivering cleaner, clearer water. Enjoy lasting results this powerful pre-filter provides!

  • Commercial water purification system
  • High capacity output of 81.3 gallons per hour
  • Direct flow, no need of tank
  • Patented SuperiorOsmosis™ technology
  • Long-Life Membrane 3-5 years
  • Features water quality alarm with integrated system stop
  • Perfect for cooking
  • Economical water circulation system
  • Saves up to 82% more waste water than traditional RO systems
  • Low cost maintenance
  • Compact design fits neatly under the counter or sink
  • Contaminant reduction
    • Salt: 95-99%
    • Copper: 99%
    • Cysts: 99%
    • Fluoride: 98-99%
    • Lead: 99%
    • Nitrates: 98%
    • Nitrites: 97%
    • Viruses: 99%
    • Bacteria: 99%
    • Turbidity: 99%
  • Commercially warranted
  • Professional installation recommended
Each day we learn more about contaminants that are being found in the municipal drinking water systems in our own states, cities and towns. Don't wait to protect your customer's health. The Bluewater Pro is probably the most powerful compact water purifier available in the marketplace. Ideal for professional kitchens, hotels and hospitals, the Pro is also used to remove limescale from water to deliver pristine water for dish washing, ironing and car washes. The Pro commercial water purifier can be connected to a refrigerator, coffee maker or other appliance the requires a steady flow of purified water. Professional installation is required.