CeraMetix Slimline Pressure Point of Use Replacement Filter Chloramine, Lead & Fluoride Reduction

SKU: CW WP 12600

Discover the power of CeraMetix® - the most advanced ceramic filter on the market! With our revolutionary CeraSyl™ DE ceramic shell and AquaMetix® core, enjoy reduced levels of aluminum, arsenic, cadmium, and more. Say goodbye to chloramine, lead, and fluoride with this single filter element. Experience higher flow rates and longer life with the imperial-sized option. Upgrade your pressurized filter system today! Fast free shipping. 30-day no-hassle return policy. Used for pressure systems only!

****Imperial is 2.75" in Diameter and offers higher flow rates and a longer life span than Slimline Filters****


10"(S) Slimline Candle - 600 Gallons

Imperial - 1400 Gallons

Size: 10"(S)
  • Made in the USA
  • NSF Standard 42 Certified - Material Requirements
  • 0.5 Micron absolute
  • Cleanable for prolonged life
  • Filters should be replaced annually
  • Also available for Franke® FRX02 and FRC06 Housings
  • Also available with Anti-Scale media for scale prevention buildup.
  • >0.5 Micron absolute
  • >99.9% Efficiency at 0.2 micron
    • Meets or Exceeds NSF/ANSI Standards 42 & 53 for the following:

    • >>99% Chloramine reduction
    • >>99% Chlorine reduction
    • >>99% Lead reduction
    • >>98% Heavy metals reduction
    • >>98% THM's (Trihalomethanes) reduction
    • >>98% VOC reduction
    • >98% Glyphosate reduction
    • >98% Pesticides & Herbicides reduction
    • >99% Pharmaceutical compounds (ANSI/NSF Standard 401)
    • >99% Fluorinated Organic Acids (PFOA & PFOS)
    • >99% Micro plastics
    • >94% Radionuclides reduction
    • >92% Nitrates reduction
    • >92% Fluoride reduction - All types - Fluorosilicic acid/hydrofluorosilicate, sodium fluorosilicate, and sodium fluoride
The AquaCera HIS under counter water filter is a right choice for someone who does not want to place a water filter on the counter or has a small sink area without enough room to place the filter. Since the under counter water filter is installed directly into the cold water line, it eliminates the risk of running hot water through the ceramic filter which will ruin the filter. The only burden to having the filter installed into the water line is that it should be installed by a licensed plumber. Choosing a stainless steel water filter housing is a bit more pricy than plastic housing, but AquaCera's HIS stainless steel housing is of top quality and offers unmatched durability for years and years of use. A stainless steel water filter housing is the preferred choice for someone who is sensitive to plastics or has multiple chemical sensitivities. When it comes to filtration, the CeraMetix filter is the "best of the best" when compared to other single stage ceramic and carbon block technology water filters. It will perform just as well as the popular CeraUltra or Doulton UltraCarb filter but has the added benefit of fluoride removal. The CeraMetix filter is capable for providing the same level of fluoride removal as a double filter system that uses a ceramic & carbon block filter and a B2 fluoride filter. The AquaCera HIS with CeraMetix filter is our top choice for a single stage under counter water filtration system that will deliver clean, healthy and great tasting drinking water inside your home when you want it.

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