Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool Spa Industrial Dehumidifiers

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Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool/Spa Dehumidifier

Operates down to 33°F and removes up to 200 pints of water per day

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The Ebac PD200 dehumidifiers are capable of solving a wide variety of moisture problems in indoor swimming pool/spa areas, locker rooms, fitness centers, warehouses and other industrial environments where moisture control is required. You simply set the dial and air humidity remains at the desired level clearing the damp air and removing condensation from windows, walls and ceilings. Under harsh conditions this workhorse will remove more than 300 pounds of water per day from the environment. The PD200 is self-contained for quick and easy installation - no duct work required! However, there are optional inlet/outlet duct flanges if there is a need for ducting the unit. These rugged and reliable machines are fit to do the job in ruthless environments.

Dehumidification for indoor swimming pool/spa area:
The air inside an indoor swimming pool and/or spa or hot tub can be very humid. The reason is that large amounts of water can evaporate from the surface of the water into the air. The water surface of your pool acts like a large humidifier capable of adding significant moisture to the room. It is important to keep the pool water cooler than the air. Ideal conditions are an air temperature of 82 degrees and a water temperature of 80 degrees. If one allows these ideal conditions to change and the pool water temperature becomes higher than the air temperature, the rate of evaporation of moisture into the air will increase dramatically.

Without effective dehumidification, you risk the appearance of mold, corrosion, structural damage, and an uncomfortable pool environment.

It is also highly recommended that you use a pool cover when the pool is not in use which will reduce the amount of moisture evaporated into the air. An added benefit to covering your pool will be the energy you will save not heating your water due to the heat that would not be lost into the air.

4 Common Indicators of Humidity Problems in Your Indoor Pool or Spa Room:
    1) You find it uncomfortably humid in the pool area when in street cloths
    2) Strong and persistent smell of chlorine
    3) Foggy windows
    4) Rust on metal objects

Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool Spa Industrial Dehumidifiers are ideal for someone who...

  • Has a need for portable industrial dehumidification in moderately damp to extremely wet areas and harsh conditions.
  • Needs to remove unwanted moisture within an indoor pool or spa area, thus allowing a swimmer's body to feel comfortable leaving and entering the water.
  • Wants a dehumidifier that will remove moisture that may cause corrosion and structural damage within an indoor pool facility, aerobic room, workout area, or locker and laundry rooms.
  • Wants to reduce sensible heat loss in a specific area.

  • "Reverse Cycle" defrosting feature permits low temp operation down to 33°F
  • Adjustable control humidistat the level of dryness
  • Convenient drain point for condensate collection of hose attachment
  • Totally enclosed coils in an epoxy-coated, heavy gauge steel case
  • Quiet, 2 speed fan
  • Self-contained for quick and easy installation (no duct work required)
  • Can be ducted if desired
  • Washable air filter
  • Sturdy military-type carrying handles
The PD200 units are high capacity dehumidifiers, made to operate at high efficiencies by removing moisture from the air through the refrigeration process. The fan draws the moist air through the cold evaporator coil, which cools the air below its dew point. Moisture forms on the evaporator coil and is collected in the condensate tray, which is equipped with an internal condensate pump for easy removal of collected moisture. The cooled air then passes through the hot condenser coil where it is reheated using the same energy removed during the cooling phase, plus the additional heat generated by the compressor. The air is, therefore, discharged from the dehumidifier at a slightly higher temperature with a lower absolute humidity than that which entered. Continuous circulation of air through the dehumidifier gradually reduces the relative humidity within the area. Because the PD200 is equipped with an external, remote humidistat, they automatically switch on and off to save energy and expense by maintaining the desired level of humidity with intermittent operation.
1. Room Coverage Based on 24 Hour Moisture Removal
2. Noise Level
3. Low Temperature Operation
4. Quality of the Continuous Drainage Option Included (Ease of hose attachment, location above the ground to improve the flow of water w/ gravity and provides the hose)
5. Bucket Capacity Not Applicable
6. Size, Weight and Maneuverability
7. Ease of Access to Bucket & to Remove and Replace Not Applicable
8. Energy Rating
9. Ability to Access Filter & to Remove, Clean and Re-install
10. Quality of Construction & Warranty
11. Value for the Price

The Ebac PD200 is the king of powerful dehumidifiers designed to withstand the exposure of water and chemicals from an indoor swimming pool while reliably reducing their amounts in the air. Therefore, one will not have to worry about this high humid air from condensing on your walls, roof, floor, and windows that could cause corrosion, wood rot, mold and bacteria growth and an unhealthy environment. It is also great for sports halls, health & fitness centers, aerobic rooms, locker rooms, laundry rooms, warehouses, and more.


  • Large room coverage - this unit can remove up to 200 pints per day on the average and more than 300 pints per day in harsh conditions.
  • Temperature sensitive defrost allows satisfactory performance in temperatures down to 33 degrees.
  • Easily accessible washable filter.
  • Remote adjustable humidistat allows you to set the desired humidity level to reach and maintain.
  • Convenient drain port for condensation collection w/ hose attachment.
  • Can be ducted if necessary.


  • This model is pretty noisy at 73 dba but considering the capacity can be tolerated - also remote installation through ducting is possible to reduce the noise.
  • It is very heavy at 176 pounds but does come with sturdy military-type carrying handles.
  • Because of its size, a 220 volt hookup is necessary.


The Ebac PD200 is one of the largest portable indoor swimming pool dehumidifiers we have come across at a reasonable price. They scrimped on nothing regarding the construction from the totally enclosed coils, epoxy-coated finish inside and out, steel chassis, to the heavy gauge steel outer shell to protect all the components from the elements. This is a hard working thirsty machine that will pull out up to 200 to 300 pints. This unit is very heavy but it does come with sturdy military-style handles to transport. It is definitely not the quietest dehumidifier from a long shot and there is the option to duct it so it can be physically installed in a remote area to reduce the noise level and space requirements. Besides these two minor details, the Ebac PD200 is an amazing machine and we recommend it not only for indoor swimming pool rooms but for any environment with abnormal humidity due to standing water and/or people like locker rooms, health & fitness centers, laundry rooms, racquetball/handball courts, whirlpools, or spas. Under these situations, no ordinary dehumidifier will do, and this one is the choice.

Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool/Spa Dehumidifier


Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool/Spa Dehumidifier

Technical Specifications of Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool/Spa Dehumidifier

  Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool/Spa Dehumidifier
Water Removal Capacity
Water Removal Capacity 200 pints per day set @ set at 80°F, 60% RH
Operating Temperature Range
Operating Temperature Range 33°F – 95°F
CFM Low: 585
High: 664
Noise Level
Noise Level 73 dBa
Refrigerant Type
Refrigerant Type R-22
Power Supply
Power Supply 2250 watts, 10.6 amps, 220V, 60hz
Dimensions 17.5"H x 27"W x 26"D
Weight (lbs)
Weight (lbs) 176 lbs
Warranty 1 yr electrical. 3 yrs compressor, condenser, evaporator

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Filters & Accessories for Ebac PD200 Indoor Pool/Spa Dehumidifier

BGG Digital Hygrometer & Thermometer Clock

Combines three displays for time, temperature and humidity in one simple, user-friendly device. Includes max/min memory with reset for temperature and humidity. Features built-in tilt stand and wall mounting feature.

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Sizing up the proper equipment for your needs has many variables and we recommend using our guidance. To assist you in choosing the right dehumidifier for your particular situation please call one of our product specialists at (888) 236-7231. This is a free, no obligation consultation.

Please have the information to the following questions ready when contacting us:
  • In what city and state is the room located?
  • What are the dimensions of your poolroom (length times the width times the height of the ceiling)?
  • Describe the quality of construction?(how well is it sealed, what material was used for the walls and ceiling)
  • What is the present relative humidity in the room?
  • What is the desired relative humidity to be achieved?
  • What is the average air temperature in the room?
  • What is the surface area of the pool?(square footage- length x width)
  • What is the temperature of the water?
  • Is the pool covered when not in use? (If it is, how many hours for any 6 hour period is it not covered)
  • Besides a pool, is there a spa/hot tub in the room?
  • If there is a spa, what is the surface area? (square footage- length x width)
  • If there is a spa, what is the temperature of the water?
  • If there is a spa, is it covered when not in use? (If it is, how many hours for any 6 hour period is it not covered)