Pure Dry Whisper 30-Pint Dehumidifier

The Pure & Dry Whisper 30-Pint Dehumidifier covers small to medium rooms and silently operates down to 41°F. Includes many easy-to-use features—great dehumidifier for a home or basement. Get expert advice from our knowledgeable staff. Fast, reliable free shipping and a 30-day no-hassle return policy. Take an Extra 10% Off with code DEHUM10
  • Protects your home from mold and mildew
  • Contemporary design and color scheme
  • Low temperature operation down to 41°F
  • Effortless™ humidity control: settings from 35% to 85%
  • Touch-button controls
  • Digital readout of actual room humidity
  • 2 water-removal options:
    • Drained in removable bucket
    • Drainage bucket has a finger slot on the side for removal 
    • Continuous drainage hook up
  • 3 fan speeds: low, high
  • Effortless™ full-tank alert system
  • Effortless™ automatic shut-off
  • Effortless™ anti-bacterial clean filter—washable
  • Filter-life indicator
  • Timer function from 0.5 hour to 24 hours
  • Spacewise™ portable design with caster wheels and side handles
  • Front-loading bucket with splash guard
  • Auto restart
  • Energy star rated
  • Coverage Area: 1,000 sq Ft
  • Water Removal Capacity: 30 Pint per Day
  • Pints/ kWh:
  • Energy Factor (L/kWh):
  • CFM: 200
  • Operating Temperature Range: 41 - 89.6
  • Bucket Capacity: 8 Pints
  • Bucket Position : Front
  • Noise Level: 48 - 51 dB(A)
  • Auto Restart: Yes
  • Auto Defrost: Yes
  • Humidistat control: Yes
  • Drain Hose: Not Included Can Connect one
  • Condensate pump : No
  • Caster mounted dehumidifier: Yes
  • Air Filter in dehumidifier: Permanent Mesh
  • An EPA Energy Star certified dehumidifier: Yes
  • Power Supply:
  • Dimensions: 13" W X 9" D X 19" H
  • Weight (lbs): 34.2 Lbs
  • Warranty: 90 Days
The Pure & Dry Whisper 30-Pint Dehumidifier is one of the quietest dehumidifiers we have ever tested. With a compact design and a plethora of useful features including auto restart, timer, full-tank alert system, effortless humidity control and 3 water removal options, this machine comes highly recommended for anyone looking for an easy-to-use, reliable and cost-effective dehumidifier. The Whisper dehumidifiers look great and really perform like champs when and where it counts to maintain a healthy environment in your home.

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

Though this is touted as a quiet dehumidifier, it is not. The sound meter registered a solid 70db+ when it is running (very loud). It is the loudest dehumidifier I've ever used (I bought 2 units based on its "quiet" description and reviews, but they both sound very loud). I also had an instance where it iced up completely with a 1/2 inch thick ice sheet covering the entire backside of the cooling unit. This really should not happen as it is brand new. It does remove the moisture from the air effectively as it should. Overall, I do not recommend this dehumidifier. The noise is driving me crazy.


I've not even had this unit 1 year and it's showing code EH - sensor not working. This product only has a 90 day warranty and I can't even order a spare part. Very disappointing as I have 2 other units which are still working great. Customer service could not help in any way. I will not be ordering here again.


This is an effective dehumidifier that fits on my limited counter easily. It works incredibly well. It is NOT silent. Orientation to walls and the surface it is on seems to effect noise level. I have two and one sounds a lot louder than the other.


I was impressed with how much water this unit pulled out of the air and how fast the humidity dropped. Tried running it overnight but too noisy for me. The humidity indicator is about ten percent higher than actual. I have had it for a month, hope it lasts a long time.


The Pure & Dry 30 pint is seriously the quietest dehumidifier I've ever used. It just hums away, doing its work. I do not have it in my bedroom, but it would not be a problem to do so. Because the unit is small, so is the water bucket. In the humid days of July and August, I am emptying it once a day. But the unit is well-designed and easy to operate. I'm very happy with this purchase.