DezAir Dehumidifier Duct Kit


The DezAir DEZ1100 dehumidifier has been discontinued. As an alternative we recommend the Fral FDK100 Low Temperature Dehumidifier by Aerus. Accessories available for purchase below.

  • Designed for crawl space and basement dehumidification
  • Low clearance design
  • Automatic defrost thermostat
  • Humidity control adjustment
    • Humid: 55 – 65% RH
    • Normal: 45 – 55% RH
    • Drier: 35 – 45% RH
  • Powerful 300 CFM motor ideal for air circulation
  • Comes standard with MERV-11 air filtration
  • Easy access for removing and installing filters
  • Fan only option independent of dehumidification
  • Gravity drainage hose connection
  • Optional condensate pump kit
  • Compatible with duct work
  • Energy star rated
We were highly impressed with the DezAir's performance and will truly stand behind stating that this is one powerful, reliable and cost-effective solution to those with extreme moisture issues in the home or office. Right away, the DezAir crawl space dehumidifier delivered first rate water removal results quickly and efficiently. The DezAir is basically ready-to-go upon arrival: just install on blocks of your choice, set up the continuous drainage hose, plug in and let this dominant machine do all the work for you. Lastly, considering the quality and outstanding performance, we find the DezAir crawl space dehumidifier to represent excellent value for the money.