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The Alorair Remote Controller has been discontinued.

Remote controller for AlorAir Sentinel HD90, HDi90, and the HD55. Used to control unit from seperate room from where unit is located.

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Sentinel Dehumidifiers can be controlled using an optional remote accessory. The Sentinel Remote Control connects to your Sentinel Series Dehumidifier via a 25’ CAT 5 cable.

The remote control contains an integrated sensor which gives you multiple options for remotely controlling your unit, in addition to monitoring the conditions surrounding the dehumidifier.

One application for the remote control is to install the dehumidifier in one room with the conditioned air ducted into a second room that contains the remote. For example, the dehumidifier could be installed in a laundry room and ducted into a living room. The remote would then be mounted in the living room so the remote sensor can control the humidity and provide easy controls for the user.

Another useful application for the remote control is if the dehumidifier is in an area that’s difficult to access on a regular basis. For instance, if your dehumidifier is installed in your crawl space, the remote could be mounted in your living space or garage. This provides you with an easy way to monitor the dehumidifier.

Alorair Remote Controller


Alorair Remote Controller

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  Alorair Remote Controller

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