SecureSleep™ Bed Bug Mattress Cover Sets - Block dust mites too!

Protect your mattress, box spring and pillows from bed bug and dust mite infestation with our SecureSleep mattress covers and pillow covers.


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SecureSleep Bed Bug Mattress Cover Sets

Includes mattress, box spring and pillow covers. Twin and Twin XL include 1 pillow cover, Full, Queen and King includes 2 pillow covers.

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Get everything you need to protect your bed from bed bug and dust mite infestation in one great value packaged deal. Our premium SecureSleep™ bed bug covers fully encase your mattress, box spring and pillows to prevent bed bugs and dust mites from moving in or out. Entomologist tested, these covers feature patented zipper technology with 3-way protection and reinforced zipper closure and seams. The soft, breathable covers are made from a micro-polyester and have an interior nano-urethane lining making them impenetrable, long-lasting and durable. They are also completely pesticide free, ensuring you and your family have a safe, healthy and secure sleep environment.

Bed bugs are a real and serious problem that requires a real and serious solution. These encasements are different than standard dust mite and anti-allergen covers because bed bugs can not bite through the fabric and there are no gaps around the zipper closure for bed bugs to sneak through, both common problems with standard mattress covers. Make sure to protect your mattress, box spring and pillows from bed bug infestation by using our SecureSleep™ bed bug covers. It’s an important part of any bed bug prevention effort, and if you already have bed bugs, it’s a key part of an effective pest management plan.

SecureSleep™ Bed Bug Mattress Cover Sets - Block dust mites too! are ideal for someone who...

  • Lives in an apartment complex
  • Lives in a dorm-style rooms
  • Has bed bug infestation
  • Is worried about bed bug infestation
  • Is allergic to dust mites

  • Affordable all-in-one barrier
  • Blocks dust mites and bed bugs
  • Bed bug entry, exit and bite proof
  • Liquid resistant (sweat, spills, body fluids)
  • Soft and comfortable to sleep on
  • Breathable, not hot or noisy
  • Made from woven micro-polyester (not vinyl)
  • Nano-urethane inside lining
  • Prolongs life of mattress, box spring and pillows
  • Patent pending micro zipper technology
    • 3 sided micro-tooth zipper track
    • Triangulated seal
    • Velcro security plate to ensure bed bugs can not burrow through zipper closure
  • Impenetrable reinforced seams
  • Durable and machine washable
  • Tear resistant
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Lab tested by biologists at ICR Inc.
  • Entomologist recommended
  • Endorsed by the American Sleep Association (ASA)

Mattress Cover

Pillow Cover

Box Spring Cover

These mattress and pillow covers trap bed bugs and dust mites inside and prevent them from escaping or biting through the cover, so they starve and die.
Recommend washing only every 12 to 15 months. Machine wash in warm water on gentle cycle. Use mild detergent. Tumble dry on air cycle or hang to dry. Do not bleach, dry clean or iron.
Constructed to the highest quality standards of 100% micro-polyester with a nano-urethane lining.
1. Bed Bug Bite Proof
2. Bed Bug Escape Proof
3. Zipper Quality
4. Tightness of Seams
5. Quality of Mattress & Pillow Covers
6. Quality of Box Spring Cover
7. Sleeping Comfort: quiet and soft under sheets (no plastic feel)
8. Breathability
9. Easy to put on
10. Manufacturer's Warranty

When in search of good bed bug covers you need a cover that not only prevents bed bugs from escaping but also prevents bed bugs from biting. A good bed bug cover must also be breathable for a comfortable night's sleep. The Secure Sleep bed bug covers have been specifically designed to deliver the ultimate protection against bed bugs with scientifically-tested and patent pending zipper technology and special bite-proof fabric.


  • The special reinforced zippers have Velcro and extra fabric to ensure a secure closure that will not let sneaky bed bugs in or out
  • Soft to the touch and lightweight, they feel nice under your sheets
  • Comfortable to sleep on - The American Sleep Association (ASA) conducted rigorous testing in both real-world sleep environments and a state-of-the-art sleep laboratory on the SecureSleep bed bug covers and they passed with flying colors, receiving the exclusive endorsement of the ASA.
  • Great Value! These covers protect against more than just bed bugs. They keep dust mites, pollens, dust, molds, fungus and bio-fluids from contaminating your mattress, box spring and pillows to help provide a healthier night's sleep.
  • These come with a lifetime warranty so you know they will last!


  • Because these are a synthetic fabric with a polyurethane laminate, they could potentially irritate those who are chemically sensitive
  • These only receive 3 stars for breathability because though they are breathable and do not retain excess heat, air flow is slowed. This is only noticeable with the pillow covers and you may notice once encased your pillow does not recover from compression as quickly.


The SecureSleep bed bug covers are a #1 choice on my list. They offer unbeatable protection against bed bug bites and their special reinforced zippers make it impossible for bed bugs to escape or enter these covers. The micro-polyester fabric feels soft to the touch and you would never know it has a laminate layer. Their exclusive endorsement from the American Sleep Association (ASA) increases my confidence in these cover's ability to provide a safe, healthy, and comfortable sleep environment. Not to mention they are covered by a lifetime warranty! What's more, these encasing offer all the benefits of a dust mite cover providing an impenetrable barrier to dust mites and their allergens, pollens, dust, molds, fungus and bio-fluids.

SecureSleep Bed Bug Mattress Cover Sets

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SecureSleep Bed Bug Mattress Cover Sets

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  SecureSleep Bed Bug Mattress Cover Sets

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Mattress and Box Spring Covers
Size Dimensions WxL (inches) Depth (inches)
Twin 39 x 75 Mattress: 9
Box spring: 9
Twin XL 39 x 80 Mattress: 9
Box spring: 9
Full 54 x 75 Mattress: 16
Box spring: 12
Queen 60 x 80 Mattress: 16
Box spring: 12
King 76 x 80 Mattress: 16
Box spring: 12
Cal King 72 x 84 Mattress: 16
Box spring: 12

Pillow Covers
Size Dimensions WxL (inches)
Standard 20 x 26
Queen 20 x 30
King 20 x 36
Travel 12 x 16

Warranty: Lifetime warranty

Availability: Ships out next business day