Solus Organic Cotton Pillow Cover Set


Pillow encasement, pillow cover with zipper closure. 233-thread count, organic cotton allergy pillow covers. Certified allergen barrier tested by PMI. Average pore size 5.3 microns. Pillow cover set of 2.

Size: Standard
  • Made from 100% organic cotton
  • Certified dust mite barrier tested by Porous Materials Inc. (PMI)
  • Mean pore size of 5.3 microns
  • No chemicals, dyes or added treatments
  • Safe for those who have chemical sensitivities and skin irritations
  • Provides a cool, quiet, breathable sleeping environment
  • Fabric weight: 3.8 oz per square yard with 233 threads stitched per square inch
  • Durable construction: sewn with a "safety" double stitch and at least 10 stitches/inch
  • Fabric is uniquely manufactured to maintain the integrity of the pore size through multiple washings
  • Zipper closure at one end
  • Heavy gauge, rust proof, polyester zipper
  • Sold in sets of two
  • Available sizes: Standard, Queen or King
  • Warranty: Guaranteed to be free of defect in workmanship and materials for 1 year
  • Dust Mite Encasing Fabric: organic cotton
  • Fabric Treatment: None
  • Color: Natural
  • Thread Count: 233
  • Waterproof Liner: No
  • Average Pore Size: 5.3 micron
Our Solus organic cotton pillow covers are the ideal choice for someone who has sensitivities to chemicals or synthetics and needs an all-natural dust mite allergy cover. They are also great for a sensitive sleeper who must have the softest, quietest and most breathable fabric as a pillow cover. Best of all, our Solus organic cotton pillow covers create a safe, healthy and successfully barrier against dust mites and prevent your from inhaling their allergens. These covers are well-made and durable. We are sure they will meet your expectations for use, laundering and longevity. For best results, be sure to encase your mattress and comforter as well.

Customer Reviews

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Sent wrong size

Thank you for taking the time to review the product you purchased. We are sorry that you received the incorrect size from what you placed the order for. Please reach out to us at our customer service via email or phone. Please let us know what size you received, and we will work to get this corrected for you as soon as possible. Again, we strive to make sure all our customers have a wonderful experience and hope that we are able to correct this for you.


when the description said the zipper was on "the side" I thought that meant the side edge of the pillow. the zipper is actually just offset to one side on the flat side of the pillow making it neccessary to remove the pillow from the cover if you want to flip your pillow. I normally flip my pillow each night and now I can only turn it around, rather than flip it unless I want my face pressed against the zipper. very disappointing. the material is fine and not very noisy. I would re-purchase if the zipper was on the edge.