AllergyCare Pristine® Allergen Barrier Zippered Pillow Covers

Pristine dust mite & allergen barrier pillow covers. Soft, effective dust mite barrier for your pillow. 100% polyester, non-membrane pillow cover with a soft 240 thread count and 5.7 micron pore size. Made in the USA. See our ratings and reviews on Pristine dust mite covers.
Size: Standard
  • Made from 100% polyester (Pristine® style #66457)
  • Tight woven construction only allows air and moisture vapor to penetrate the fabric
  • Pristine® fabric has been awarded the only two patents in the allergen barrier cover category (U.S. Patent Nos. 6,277,770 & 7,290,381)
  • Tested by IBT Reference Laboratory to ensure allergen barrier performance
  • Small average pore size of 5.7 microns
  • No added chemicals or harsh fabric treatments
  • No urethane membrane
  • Combines total allergen protection with an extraordinarily high level of comfort
  • Very breathable: permeable to air and water vapor (MVTR = 1109)
  • Durable construction: sewn with over lock safety stitch, 8-10 stitches/inch
  • Fabric weight: 4.0 oz per square yard with 240 threads stitched per square inch
  • Fabric is uniquely manufactured to maintain the integrity of the pore size through frequent washings
  • Heavy gauge, rust proof, polyester zipper
  • Pillow covers zip at one end
  • Sold as set of two
  • Available size: Standard, Queen or King
  • Warranty: Guaranteed to be free of defect in workmanship and materials for 1 year
  • Made in the USA
Pristine® is one of the best know allergen barrier fabrics on the market. It is a patented, membrane-free, micro-weave polyester fabric that feels nice to the touch. It has a small, 5.7 micron pore size that provides great protection against dust mites and their allergens. Pristine® pillow covers are cool, quiet and breathable to sleep on and are unnoticeable under your pillowcases. A huge benefit of the Pristine® fabric is it can withstand frequent laundering and still retain its tight weave and small pore size.

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happy customer

I used it to clear up eye issues with allergies including mites.