DreamFit 300 Thread Count Cotton Pillowcases

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Experience the difference with these high quality 100% cotton sheets by DreamFit. The have an impeccable fit, soft yet crisp feel, and beautiful satin piping detail.

DreamFit 300 Thread Count Cotton Pillowcases

100% Long Staple Cotton, 300 tc sateen. Set of 2 pillowcases. 5 color choices. Sizes: Standard or King

AVAILABILITY: Ships Within 4 Weeks.

NOTE: All opened bedding products (i.e. pillows, pillow cases, comforters, sheets, encasings) cannot be returned.

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DreamFit's 100% Cotton Sheet Sets are made from 100% long staple cotton with a 300 thread count sateen weave. These high quality sheets are designed and constructed with a patented corner strap design and super-strong elastic binding, guaranteeing the fitted sheet will stay on any mattress, thick or thin, even with feather beds, mattress pads, or toppers. The flat sheets are oversize in width and length, and are large enough to tuck under any size mattress. The flat sheet and pillowcases feature a 3 inch hem with dyed-to-match satin piping. Each sheet set includes: 1 fitted sheet, 1 flat sheet, and 2 pillowcases (1 with twin size). Twin, Twin Extra Long, Full, Full Extra Long, Queen, Eastern King and California King sizes available. Extra pillowcases in standard or king size are also available.
  • Wants high quality 100% cotton sheets
  • Hates sheets that do not stay put on the bed
  • Has a thick mattress or uses a topper and needs a fitted sheet with a deep 15 inch pocket

  • Generously Sized: DreamFit Cotton Sheets are wider and longer than normal cotton sheets, helping fit any size mattress.
  • 300 Thread Count, 100% Cotton: have a sateen weave and provide a luxurious soft feel and breathability.
  • Guaranteed: To stay on and to fit any depth or mattress. Also guaranteed against any sewing imperfections.
  • Built in Corner bands: Self adjusting to fit perfectly the size of any mattress-including enough depth to cover pillow top or feather beds.
  • Stays Put: Doesn't come off with every toss and turn of sleep.
  • Colors: Celadon (neutral green), Soft Linen, Dusk (blue), White, Taupe
  • Lockstitch: 12-14 stitches per inch and 5-thread safety stitch.
  • Deep Fit: Corner pocket is elastic so it perfectly fits both regular and extra thick mattresses or mattress with toppers
  • 1' 2-Ply Spandex continuous elastic band holds fitted sheet securely.
  • Beautiful Detailing: flat sheets and pillowcases feature a 3 inch hem with dyed-to-match satin piping
  • Easy to Care for: machine wash and dry
Machine wash warm water. Do not bleach. Tumble dry at low heat and remove promptly for best results.


    Out of the package, the new cotton sheets felt soft but crisp to the touch. We put the cotton sheet set on the bed prior to washing to check for any shrinkage while laundering, since they are 100% cotton sheets. The first thing we noticed was how generous the pillowcases were sized on a standard pillow, allowing the pillow to retain its normal shape rather than the pillowcase dictating the size of the pillow as with many other cotton sheet sets. The flat cotton bed sheet was also sized generously.

    When we slid into the freshly laundered cotton sheets, at first touch we were thrilled! We just couldn't believe how soft these cotton sateen sheets felt. They just floated over the body like you were on a cloud. The cotton sheets lightly drape the body. We found these 300 thread count cotton sateen bed sheets to have a lighter, more delicate feel to them than a lower thread count. Our testers have told us that there is just no going back to a lower thread count cotton sheets, once you've experienced the higher thread count luxury. Sliding into these sheets after a long day of work or play brings a smile and a sigh of pure pleasure for this tester.

    The DreamFit cotton sheets really are about the fit. The fit was just impeccable without a lot of tugging or adjusting.

    The satin piping on the edge of the pillowcases and the flat sheet are a very nice touch and add to the elegance of the overall presentation.


    With a high thread count cotton sheet, it's important to take them out of the dryer immediately and fold them or put them back on the bed as a higher thread count cotton sheet can wrinkle more. We noticed that the DreamFit sheets do not wrinkle as much as other high thread count cotton bed sheets.

    Be mindful of the straps on the fitted sheet. This is at the core of the DreamFit system. When you have a thick mattress and/or thick mattress pad, the DreamFit sheets have extra deep pockets with the straps to hold the sheets in place. Be aware of the straps as you are taking the fitted sheet out of the washer. You wouldn't want them to get caught on the agitator in the washing machine.

DreamFit 300 Thread Count Cotton Pillowcases


DreamFit 300 Thread Count Cotton Pillowcases

  • Style: Generously sized pillowcases with 3 inch hem and dyed-to-match satin piping
  • Fabric: 100% long staple cotton with 300 thread count sateen weave
  • Colors: Celadon (neutral green), Soft Linen, Dusk (blue), White, Taupe
  • Sizes: Standard and King

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  DreamFit 300 Thread Count Cotton Pillowcases

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Fitted Sheet Size

Flat Sheet Size

Pillowcase Size &
(Qty of cases in set)
Twin 39" x 78" x 15" 70" x 108" 21" x 32" (1)
Twin XL 39" x 81" x 15" 71" x 108" 21" x 32" (1)
Full 56" x 78" x 15" 85" x 108" 21" x 32" (2)
Full XL 56" x 81" x 15" 85" x 108" 21" x 32" (2)
Queen 61" x 81" x 15" 94" x 108" 21" x 32" (2)
Eastern King 79" x 81" x 15" 112" x 108" 21" x 42" (2)
California King 85" x 74" x 15" 109" x 108" 21" x 42" (2)

Additional Sizes: hard to find sizes including Split Queen, Split King and Split Cal King are available via phone order, Call Customer Service at 1-888-236-7231.
Warranty: DreamFit Sheets and Sheet Sets are guaranteed to fit any mattress, and to stay on. DreamFit sheets are guaranteed against any sewing imperfections and holes in the fabric. The elastic has been tested to last approximately 200-300 washes depending upon washing machine.

Please Note: opened bedding is not returnable unless covered under the warranty.