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Cottonfresh Dust Mite Covers

Cottonfresh dust mite covers are made in Europe and are constructed of 100% all-natural cotton that is unbleached, undyed, and untreated. The Cottonfresh fabric has passed stringent European testing and is Eco-Tex certified, guaranteeing it to be free of harmful chemicals and allergens. Cottonfresh dust mite covers are soft, supple and lightweight. They offer the smallest average pore size of any of our pure cotton dust mite covers. Tested in Europe at the Entomology Center at the University of Cambridge and by the British Textiles Technology Group, as well as in the USA by Porous Materials, Inc., these covers have an extremely small pore size of 3.45 microns. Mattress, pillow and comforter covers are available in a full range of sizes. Natural in color with nylon zipper closures.

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