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Water is the foundation of our body and we are urged to live a healthier life. One component of this lifestyle requires regular consumption of water. Naturally the quality of that water is going to have a major impact on your overall health. For instance, the ingestion of water borne contaminants is known to be a major factor in the current epidemic levels of cancer and heart disease. And chlorine-based disinfectants, often added to our water supply, have been linked to cancers of the bladder and colon. The purpose of chlorine in our waters is to keep our water free from harmful bacteria and water borne diseases right up to the time of consumption, where it should then be removed by a quality home water filtration system. The purchase of a counter top water filter results in a source of clean, healthy water that costs much less than bottled water. Harmful exposure to chlorine can also result from inhalation of steam and skin absorption while showering causing symptoms of brittle hair, dry skin, and red irritated eyes. Medical studies also suggest that chlorine can agitate per-existing asthma or eczema as well as increase the risk of serious illnesses. Clean, filtered water is one of the most essential and fundamental elements to sustained health. Our water filters ensure that you and your loved ones experience a lower exposure to these harmful contaminants.

If you are primarily concerned with chlorine removal, you might consider the AquaCera HCS water filter.

If you are primarily concerned with fluoride removal, you might consider the AquaCera HCP water filter.

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