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Siberian White Goose Down Comforters and Blankets

Amongst the various kinds of goose down, Siberian down* is considered to be the top of the ladder followed by Canadian and European (Hungarian or Polish) down. A Siberian down comforter, even at the same fill power, is considered to have better thermal properties ounce for ounce than its competitors. What does this mean to you? A Siberian down comforter will be lighter and warmer and will appear 'puffier'. All of our Siberian White Goose Down Comforters are hypoallergenic. The down fill goes through a stringent washing process that meets the manufacturer's strict quality standards that go above and beyond the mass produced down goods in the market place today. The down used is composed mostly of down clusters and is washed several times.

* Siberian White Goose Down is a trade name used to represent high quality goose down that is known for its extreme warmth. Siberian White Goose Down does not mean that the goose down is from Siberia. Siberia’s climate is far too severe to farm geese in. The goose down originates from China, Europe, United States and Canada.

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Serenity Siberian White Goose Down Comforter

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Willoughby Microfiber Siberian Down Comforter

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Willoughby Microfiber Siberian Down Blanket

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Cozy Down 3-in-1 Hybrid Down Comforter

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Eiderdown Down Comforters

Eiderdown Down Comforters


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