Cozy Down 3-in-1 Hybrid Down Comforter


Cozy Down 3-in-1 Hybrid comforter by Cozy Down. Premium quality craftsmanship with 700+ fill power European white goose down and a smooth, soft microfiber cover. Summer blanket, medium weight comforter and winter weight comforter all in one!

Size: Twin
  • Perfect for all seasons and climates: lightweight layer for summer months, medium weight layer for spring and fall, and use the two layers together for a winter weight comforter for cold winter months.
  • Each layer features sewn through construction to allow maximum loft and minimize down shifting
  • The lightweight blanket and medium weight comforter button together at the corners with plastic snap buttons
  • 100% synthetic microfiber shell is brushed to have a soft and smooth peach skin feel
  • Microfiber is more resilient than cotton and is more resistant to down leakage over the years
  • Filled with white goose down, 700+ fill power, minimum 90% down clusters, 10% down pieces and feathers
  • White goose down is warmer, lighter and fluffier than other types of down
  • Hypoallergenic – down fill is washed with very mild soaps that clean and sterilize it. It is then rinsed 7 times to be sure it is free from dust, odors and any chemicals. Down fill is very high quality, composed of mostly down clusters. The feathers present in the fill are very small and soft which minimizes holes poking through the fabric, which can release allergens. Lastly, the microfiber synthetic fabric has a very tight weave and it resists the normal wear and tear you’d see in a natural material like cotton, and remains a down-proof barrier longer.
  • Professional clean only, use of a duvet cover is highly recommended
  • Color: White
  • Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King, Cal King
  • 10 year limited warranty against manufacturer defects
  • Hypoallergenic: Yes
  • Comforters Construction: Sewn through construction
  • Comforters Weight or Season: Three different weights in one: Summer, Medium and Winter weight
  • Comforters Covers: 100% Microfiber
  • Down Comforter Fill: European White Goose Down: 90% down clusters, 10% down pieces and feathers
  • Fill Power: 700+ fill power
  • Comforters Sizes: Twin, Full, Queen, King and Cal King
  • Comforters Warranty: 10 years
We were very intrigued by the sounds of this comforter and were very impressed when we received ours. It has two layers. The first layer is a thin, lightweight layer that if sold individually would be considered a down blanket. This layer is light, fluffy and would be the ideal cover for the summer season when you sleep with the air conditioner on and want just a sheet and a lightweight yet cozy blanket. The second layer is a medium weight layer similar to what an all season comforter would feel like. When snapped together they create a very warm and lofty winter weight comforter. We were very impressed by how light this comforter feels even when used at the winter weight. You really can't beat high quality down that has a minimum of 90% down clusters. It is like you are sleeping in a cloud. Not to mention, how quickly it generates warmth in a matter of seconds. The snap buttons used to secure the two layers together can be slightly misleading because they initially look like buttons, but you will notice the button holes are too small to slide the button through. This is because they are actually snaps. The front of the snap is a clear plastic and the end of the snap is white. They are fairly easily pulled apart with a bit of pressure, and snap back together with a secure hold. These snaps may be difficult to use if you have arthritis or poor dexterity in your fingers or hands. The microfiber cover used for this comforter has a unique feel and is the first we have felt like it. It is smooth with a brushed finish to give it a peach-skin like feel. One tester thought it reminded him of a sleeping bag cover but not as shiny or slick. Another one loved the feel of it so much she didn't want to put it down. Overall it received many 'ohh this feels nice' comments. The only downfall to the cover is that it is a synthetic fabric which is not as ideal as an organic cotton cover for those who suffer from severe skin sensitivities or multiple chemical sensitivities. A plus to the synthetic microfiber cover is that it is more durable than cotton and is excellent at preventing down leakage. Due to the two layer design you will want to use this comforter inside of a duvet cover for a more polished and put together look. A duvet cover will also save you from frequent and costly trips to the cleaners; 2 layers mean 2 comforters to have professionally cleaned each time. Also for anyone with dust mite allergies, we suggest using a dust mite cover to further protect your comforter investment.