We offer a large selection of replacement filters; air purifiers filters, humidifiers filters, dehumidifier filters, water filters, vacuum filters & furnace filters. Replacing old used filters is an important way to keep your air healthy, improve your appliance's efficiency, and extend the life span of your appliances, even if it can sometimes be expensive. Your units filter is a key ingredient to your air cleaning system actually doing its job. When the filter becomes full with dust, pollen, pet dander and other particles, the air can't properly pass through, which means the device won't function efficiently. The life of the replacement filter depends on numerous factors such as where you live and the quality of your air or water. For instance, the air quality is much worse in a major city than at a sea shore, so a city dweller will need to change their air purifier filters and vacuum bags more regularly. Many of our better cleaning appliances feature replacement filter indicator lights to alert you when it is time for a change. For those that do not, we recommend changing the filters based on manufacturer requirements to ensure that your product warranty remains valid. If you are still uncertain as to when or how to change your filters, please call us and we will be more than happy to assist you.

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Call 1-888-236-7231 to speak with one of our product consultants for assistance with choosing the replacement filters for your needs. Available Monday - Friday 9AM-7PM EST, Saturday 11AM-5PM EST, Sunday 9AM-3PM ET.
Air Purifier Replacement Filters

Air Purifier Filters

Air cleaner and air purifier replacement filters for IQAir, Blueair, Austin, Alen, Airpura and many more brands.

Humidifier Filters

Humidifier Filters

Replacement humidifier filters, cartridges and wicks for Air-O-Swiss, Stadler Form, pureguardian and many others.

Vacuum Filters

Vacuum Bags & Filters

Vacuum replacement filters and bags for Miele, Sebo, Electrolux and other vacuum cleaner brands.

Water Filters

Water Filters

Replacement water filters for countertop and under sink water filtration systems and water pitcher filters.

Shower Head Filters

Shower Filters

Replacement shower filters for shower heads and shower filters.
Furnace Filters

Furnace Filters

Replacement furnace filters and air conditioner filters to capture dust, debris and allergens.
Dehumidifier Filters

Dehumidifier Filters

Dehumidifier replacement filters capture particles to prevent damage to a dehumidifier's working parts.
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