Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan

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The Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan has been discontinued.

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The Dyson AM06 bladeless fan utilizes Air Multiplier™ technology to produce a smooth, powerful stream of airflow in your home or office. It does not have a grill or any fast-spinning fan blades, making it safe to operate and easy to clean. The AM06 features smooth oscillation and tilt control that enable you to control the direction of the airflow in your space. The fan offers 10 precise control settings so you can select your desired airflow. It also features a sleep timer setting that you can program to turn the fan off after set intervals, ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours. The AM06's remote control is curved and magnetized so you can easily store it on the top of the fan and you don't have to worry about losing it. The Dyson AM06 bladeles fan has a small footprint and will fit nicely on a table or desk in your space.
  • Would like a stylish, contemporary fan
  • Would like a quiet, bladeless fan to circulate the air
  • Desires a high-quality fan that is built to last
  • Wants a fan without blades for safety purposes

  • Utilizes Air Multiplier™ technology
  • No fast-spinning fan blades
  • 10 airflow settings
  • LED display and soft-touch button on the fan base
  • Easy-to-clean surface
  • Easy-tilt pivoting on its base
  • Smooth oscillation control
  • Curved, magnetized remote control
  • Sleep timer setting intervals from 15 minutes to 9 hours
  • 6.6-foot power cord
  • Available in colors Black/Nickel or Iron/Blue
  • Manufacturer's limited 2-year warranty


  • The Dyson AM06 fan utilizes Air Multiplier™ technology to create a powerful stream of uninterrupted airflow. Air accelerates through an annular aperture within the fan, creating a high-velocity stream of air. The air passes over an airfoil-shaped ramp, channeling its direction and creating areas of low pressure behind and around the fan. This change in pressure draws the surrounding air into the airflow stream, which results in a powerful stream of smooth, cool air.
    • Dyson engineers were able to make their fans quieter by reducing turbulence within the fan. They accomplished this by streamlining the airflow paths within the fan, which allows air to pass through smoothly. Plus, the fan has a Helmholtz cavity that captures and dissipates sound from the motor, resulting in quiet operation.
    • Reduced turbulence makes the fan operate more quietly and this also means that less energy is needed to move air through the fan. The fan's motor is calibrated to run more slowly, so it draws in less energy during operation.
  • To make fans run quietly, manufacturers utilize slow-running motors to spin the fan blades—this reduces noise, but also reduces power, producing weak airflow. To make powerful fans, manufacturers use fast motors to spin the fan blades—fast motors create additional noise. It is very difficult to achieve quiet, powerful airflow in a conventional fan, but Dyson was able to achieve this with the AM06 bladeless fan. This fan is engineered to be quieter than Dyson's AM01 fan, plus it uses a brushless DC motor that consumes 30% less energy than the AM01. The Dyson AM06 is great if you're looking for powerful, quiet airflow in your home or office space.


    • The AM06 has a low energy consumption of just 26 watts
    • Bladeless technology means there will not be any choppy airflow
    • Its brushless DC motor ensures quiet operation
    • With its smooth surface and lack of blades, the fan is safe and easy to clean
    • 10 precise airflow settings allow you to choose your desired airflow
    • Provides whole-room, high-velocity airflow with its smooth oscillation
    • The fan can pivot 10 degrees in front to back directions and it will stay put in the direction you choose
    • The AM06 has quieter streamlined air channels for reduced turbulence, making it 75% quieter than Dyson's AM01 fan
    • Features a Helmholtz cavity that captures and dissipates audible sound from the motor
    • 30% less power consumed than the AM01 fan—motor runs more slowly and draws less energy
    • An aerodynamic diffuser separates airflow into controlled paths, creating a more-efficient journey to the fan loop
    • With Air Multiplier™ technology, air accelerates through an annular aperture, drawing in air surrounding the fan that is then projected into the room as smooth, powerful, high-velocity airflow
    • Sleep timer functionality will turn the fan off after a set interval, ranging from 15 minutes to 9 hours
    • The included remote control is curved and magnetized for safe storing on the top of the fan


    Dyson's new line of fans is more powerful and quieter than its predecessors. Purchasing a Dyson is an investment that places a heavy premium on contemporary design, reliability and a superior brand—ultimately it may be difficult to justify its high price based on a straightforward comparison of its performance versus other fans that are widely available today. The AM06 bladeless fan offers quiet, powerful airflow along with consumer-friendly features including an easy-to-use remote control, tilt and oscillation control and 10 precise fan settings.

    Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan


    Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan

    Technical Specifications of Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan

      Dyson AM06 Bladeless Table Fan
    Noise Level
    Noise Level Up to 56 dB
    Power Consumption
    Power Consumption 26 watts
    Dimensions 19.7'H x 10'Dia.
    Weight 4 lbs.
    Warranty Manufacturer's limited 2-year warranty

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