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Air Purifiers

The air we breathe into our bodies is just as important as the food and beverages we consume. Air quality undoubtedly ranks as among the most significant factors on our health, making air purification one of our top priorities. With the knowledge from our experienced staff, our hands-on testing and training, and the feedback from our neighbors, friends and clients like you, we have personally selected each of our Air Purifiers to best protect you and your family’s health so you can breathe easily.

Our newest high performance air purifier is the QuietPure Home air purifier known for it's ultra quiet, highly effective air purification.

For top of the line air purification, we recommend either Blueair PRO air purifiers offering the best CADR ratings available or IQAir Healthpro air purifiers known for their efficiently sealed, air tight filtration.

Air Purifiers & Air Purifier Info

Sizing Your Room and the Right Size Air Purifier. Room size is a significant factor when choosing an air purifier in order to properly clean the air in a room, you will need to exchange the air in the room several times each hour. We recommend 5 air exchanges an hour and are basing our room size recommendation on that, while 2 air exchanges can be considered a minimum requirement. Consider that many air purifiers will be loud on their highest setting, buying an air purifier rated for a larger room will allow you to run it effectively on lower speeds and have the added benefit of quieter operation.

  • Filtration efficiency;  of your Air Purifier: There is a great deal of variation in the efficiency of air purifiers on the market and their resulting numerical efficiency is the number given to the percentage of particulates which are trapped in a filter on one single air exchange. More is better and our best air purifiers trap particulates in one pass at well over 90%.The best air purifiers continue to perform at high efficiency until a filter change is required.

  • The Air Flow of your Air Purifier:  Filtration efficiency is of great importance, but if you are not passing air through that efficient filter it is not helping you at all. What you will need to look for is a combination of high filtration efficiency and high airflow, this combination is sometimes referred to as the ‘Clean Air Delivery Rate’ or CADR. CADR will be reported in cubic feet per minute [cfm] of 100% particle free air that is created by the air purifier, the higher the value the faster the air purifier will clean the air. Look for the ’AHAM Verifide’ mark to see if your air purifier has certified Clean Air Delivery Rate, CADR.

  • Filter Change Indicator Lights;  We find a filter change indicator light to be extremely helpful in reminding one of the optimal time to change a filter especially as the machine is more accurate than the user"s judgment call. It also helps to not changing the filter too late, which is sub optimal for health, or too early which comes hard on your pocketbook.

  • Ease Of Changing Filters;  The best air purifiers are those requiring no tools to replace the filters. We prefer units where you simply pop out a door, pull the filter to be replaced out and replace it with the new filter. The filters of some air purifiers are tedious and difficult to change causing the average person to delay changing them beyond their optimal change dates. The easiest air purifiers to change filters on are the QuitePure air purifiers, PowerPure air purifiers and Blueair air purifiers. The IQAir filters are easier to change once you have changed them a few times.

  • Weight and Mobility of Your Air Purifier;  Most but not all room air purifiers are on casters, so you will be able to push them from room to room. However, you may have needs for a pick up and go type of air purifier whether to travel or for your cubicle at work. We have several small and lightweight air purifiers which fulfill those criteria.

  • Air Purifiers, Ozone Emissions and Outgassing; Any ozone emission, which is a toxic substance, is not desirable regardless of whether the person has allergies, asthma, or multiple chemical sensitivities. However, the effects are usually worse for these people because ozone is an irritant to the respiratory system.

  • Upkeep Costs for an Air Purifier;  This is another factor which is often overlooked by the potential purchaser of an air purifier. More expensive air purifiers are often the least expensive to maintain and will save you money over the life of the machine.

  • The Warranty and Reliability of Air Purifiers; The best warranties are those offering five years or more on the main fan and motor parts. A reliable air purifier should have no problems with the motor, fan, and electrical components and controls during that time. The rest of the air purifier consists of the filters, which need periodically cleaning or replacement.

Our Best Air Purifier Brands

Here is an overview of the best air purifier brands we sell and why we like them. We offer a more detailed analysis on the manufacturers" brand pages but we have given you a Birdseye view below. Please understand that all these manufacturers produce air purifiers that made the cut when we tested them, while a great deal more products were sent back to the manufacturer.

Airfree Air Purifiers This is the only air purifier manufacturer that is not based around a HEPA or HEPA like filter. In fact, their models have no filters at all, relying instead on a unique patented technology for the sterilization and incineration of allergens. Thus there is no maintenance costs associated with any Airfree model, and we have had excellent experience with their reliability. Since Airfree air sterilizers rely on natural air flow in a room because they do not have a fan, we see a single unit as better for a small room. They are also a manufacturer that backs up their claims with serious verifiable research. However, we would not recommend them for serious gas and odor removal and you will not find that household dust is reduced - but your allergies will subside.

Airgle Air Purifiers This manufacturer’s new line of air purifiers wowed us with their top notch performance, ultra quiet operation and sophisticated, modern design. The attention to detail and high quality components that go into an Airgle air purifier immediately gained our respect; and along with outstanding testing results, earned them our hard to attain 5-star rating. We expect the Airgle air purifiers will quickly become a popular solution for a variety of air quality concerns. Each Airgle air purifier is AHAM certified and Energy Star qualified.

Airpura Air Purifiers   This manufacturer has shot up the charts in our air purifier favorites category. They have done almost everything perfectly, only falling down in our opinion with difficult filter changes [use a screwdriver and turn the machine upside down] and lack filter change monitoring. Otherwise, Airpura has learned from the mistakes of others and does a first class job at producing air purifiers which are carefully tailored to a variety of special needs, and all for a very fair price. Each of their three filters is of excellent quality and what is unique is the air purifier units are modular and can be refigured if your application needs change at a later date.

Alen Air Purifiers   Alen has been gaining ground very fast with our customers and for good reason. They have wisely positioned themselves as providing a good air purifier for the Everyman. They ave neat designs, above average filtration effectiveness, quiet operation, very easy filter changes, low energy consumption and a lifetime warranty. We would not recommend them for serious gas and odor removal. But for an all purpose air purifier at a moderate price they are well worth a look.

Austin Air Air Purifiers are extremely popular with our customers. They offer no nonsense, no frills approach to air purification but they put their money into what really counts. Very good gas and odor filtration and the air filtration effectiveness is above average. We still do not like that Austin Air combined their gas and HEPA filters as these filters degrade at a different pace than each other. Like Airpura their filters are difficult to change requiring a screwdriver and turning the machine upside down. But none the less, for our customers with serious allergy problems they are high up on our air purifier manufacturer list.

Blueair Air Purifiers A longtime favorite with both us and our customers and for very good reasons. Blueair’s patented HEPASilent® technology combine electrostatic, carbon and HEPA type filter technologies which result in a very high filtration effectiveness with no ozone. They gain highest marks from us for their ability to deliver large amounts of purified air, with the industry’s highest Clean Air Delivery Rates (CADR), as certified by AHAM. Also quietly does it, making them our top choice for a bedroom air purifier. Blueair offers flexibility beyond any other manufacturer with an array of platforms that cater to different room sizes, choose if you want advanced integrated sensors and electronic interface, or go with their simple and rugged mechanical turning knob designs, filter options allow for focus on particles or combination of particles and gasses and odors. All their products are made in powder coated galvanized steel which is a testament to their quality. Their filter changes are exceptionally easy and with recent upgrades to include filter life monitoring and pre-filters, this manufacturer is still managing to keep pace and ahead of most other air purifier manufacturers.

IQAir Air Purifiers Put simply, this manufacturer has done everything right, and when we want to recommend the best air purifier for someone with serious allergy and asthma problems, we often turn to IQ Air. They offer the highest possible filtration efficiency and when we tested these air purifiers, virtually nothing escaped their HyperHEPA filter. Packed with fantastic features such as a huge capacity pre-filter, filter change indicator lights, a HEPA filter efficiency rating second to none and six fan-speed settings. No expense has been spared in the manufacturing of this air purifier, produced in Switzerland from non-off gassing ABS materials that are UV stabilized and high impact resistant each product is tested at the factory for filtration efficiency and air delivery. IQ Air has great options for gas and odor removal.

Winix Air Purifiers A relatively new manufacturer for us, but one which we find impressive. Winix air purifiers are well made with a pleasing space saving design, easy filter changes, offer some nice auto monitoring features, are quiet and Energy Star compliant. Best of all they offer above average performance in air filtration. These are well worth a looking at since the price is a knock out for what is being offered. We would not recommend them for serious gas and odor removal.