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The Yala Luxury Silk Filled Comforters has been discontinued.

Yala Luxury Silk Filled Comforters are hypoallergenic and great for sensitive skin. A pure luxury to sleep with featuring silk floss fill and Habotai silk cover. A luxurious alternative to down. See our ratings and reviews on the Yala® Luxury Silk Filled Comforter.

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Yala Luxury Silk Comforters feature 100% grade 'A' spun silk floss on the inside covered with pure silk Habotai for a light, warm, and incredibly luxurious night's sleep. The silk adjusts to your body temperature adding a perfect layer of warmth throughout the night. The best thing about silk comforters is their ability to drape. Unlike down filled comforters that are usually big and bulky, these comforters are soft and flexible and will conform to every contour of your body, like being wrapped in a soft and delicate cloud. Quilting ensures that the spun silk fill will stay in place. Silk filled comforters are naturally hypoallergenic, inhospitable to dust mites and an overall healthier alternative to down filled comforters.

Get the most out of your comforter and keep it clean and safe by protecting it with a duvet cover. We suggest the Yala Luxury Silk Comforter Cover designed to be used with the Yala Luxury Silk Comforter.
  • Finds down and down alternative comforters to be too warm.
  • Who is allergic to down, feathers or wool and does not want a synthetic fiber fill.
  • Loves the look and feel of silk and wants a luxurious comforter for all season use.

  • Fill: 100% hand-stretched silk floss
  • Cover: 100% silk Habotai
  • Weight: Medium, suitable for all season use
  • Color: White
  • Construction: Quilted
  • Edge loops for securing a duvet cover
  • Equalizes body temperature: Silk is cool in the summer, making this a perfect southern weight comforter. Silk is a true breathable material, lightweight, very supple and constantly equalizes temperature.
  • Care: Dry Clean Only

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  • Luxurious fabric: The first thing that we noticed was how unbelievably luxurious, supple and drapable the whole silk comforter actually felt. While not as 'puffy” as down, it was just dreamy as a fabric.
  • Naturally hypoallergenic: Silk is naturally hypoallergenic and inhospitable to dust mites, so it does not promote an allergic reaction and there is no need for dust mite encasings.
  • Light yet warm: The silk comforter felt fairly light, similar in comparison to using a summer cotton blanket or cotton coverlet. We found the silk comforter surprisingly warmer than expected, particularly in an air-conditioned room. This is due to the silk comforter containing silk fill which has high thermal properties.


  • Medium- All Seasons Weight Warmth: Whatever silk comforter vendors say about silk, it is NOT as warm as Down even in heavier weights that were tested, but it makes it a perfect spring, summer and fall weather candidate. We found it to be warmer than Primaloft summer blankets or a Hyperclean down blanket.
  • Silk Comforter Care: A good silk comforter will last about 5 and up to 10 years if proper care is taken to treat it right. This includes always having a duvet cover on it and never trying to wash it yourself which would invalidate the warranty. A silk comforter needs professional cleaning.
  • Duvet Cover is essential: We believes that a duvet cover is absolutely essential and is needed in order not to void the manufacturer’s warranty.


We are very satisfied with the Yala Luxury Silk Comforter as a all season covering to any bed. It feels extremely luxurious and is oversized so there is no need to fight over the covers. It has just the right amount of warmth for spring, summer and fall in a northeastern or air-conditioned bedroom. We do stress that it is important to protect your new silk comforter with a Duvet Cover and the comforters edge loops allow a duvet cover to be attached securely. We highly recommend using the Yala Luxury Silk Habotai Comforter Cover since it is designed to fit this comforter perfectly and you can still enjoy the feeling of luxury silk next to your skin.

Yala Luxury Silk Filled Comforters


Yala Luxury Silk Filled Comforters

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  Yala Luxury Silk Filled Comforters

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Size Dimensions
Warmth Weight
Silk Weight
Oversized Queen 90"  x  94" Medium 7 lbs
Oversized King 108"  x  94" Medium 8 lbs

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