White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Dust Mite & Bed Bug Mattress Covers

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White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Mattress Cover

Fits mattresses up to 9-inches in depth.

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Our White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Dust Mite & Bed Bug Mattress Covers offer excellent protection at an affordable price. Made of polyester stretch knit, these mattress covers are soft and comfortable to sleep on with no crinkling under your sheets. These mattress covers feature a urethane barrier lining that is breathable yet offers impenetrable protection against dust mites, allergens and bed bugs, as well as offers waterproof protection against spills and stains. Their unique, patented BugStop® seal ensure a secure zipper closure preventing bed bugs from getting in or out. Polyester zipper closure. Color: White. 1-year warranty.

Bed Bug Proof
Bed Bug Proof
Dust Mite Allergen Proof
Dust Mite Proof

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  • Made from polyester stretch knit
  • Urethane membrane lining
  • Impenetrable dust mite allergen barrier
  • Tested and certified bed bug proof
  • Patent pending BugStop® seal tape closure
  • Bed bugs can not get in or out of sealed mattress cover
  • Waterproof
  • Air breathable
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Durable construction: sewn with chain stitching and 9 stitches per inch
  • Fabric weight: 4.3 oz per square yard
  • Zipper closure at one end
  • Heavy gauge, rust proof, polyester zipper
  • Mattress covers zip at one end and zipper extends down 1/4th of each adjacent side
  • Sold individually
  • Available in a full range of sizes: Twin, Twin XL, Full, Queen, Eastern King, California King
  • 3 depth choices: 9", 12" or 16"
  • Warranty: Guaranteed to be free of defect in workmanship and materials for 1 year

BugStop seal

Certified Bed Bug Proof

Machine wash and dry.

Made in the China.
1. Barrier to Dust Mites (pore size less than 10 microns)
2. Barrier to Dust Mite Allergens (pore size less than 6 microns)
3. Fabric Quality
4. Zipper Quality
5. Construction Quality
6. Sleeping Comfort (quiet and discrete under sheets - no plastic feel)
7. Easy to put on
8. Breathability
9. Durability
10. Value for Price
11. Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Easy to put on and off thanks to the extra give of the stretch knit fabric.
  • Soft surface feel is a nice touch for a polyester membrane lined fabric.
  • Both the urethane membrane and poly-stretch knit fabric is quiet and does not make the annoying crinkly sound found with many synthetic or membrane lined fabrics .
  • The dual function of these covers being 100% waterproof makes them a great choice for bed wetter's or those who are worried about spills or stains on a new mattress.
  • The fabric is cool to the touch and membrane is breathable which helps ensure a comfortable night's sleep.
  • Impenetrable barrier to dust mites and allergens.
  • Bed bug escape and bite proof.
  • Patent pending BugStop® seal ensures a secure shut.
  • Machine washable and able to withstand frequent washing without reducing their barrier efficiency which is the case with cotton and other woven barrier covers.


  • Made from synthetic materials. These covers would not be suitable for someone who needs or wants a chemical free product due to MCS or other sensitivities to chemicals or synthetics.
  • Not as breathable as 100% cotton. These covers may not be the best choice for those who sleep hot.


If you want the protection of a vinyl or membrane mattress cover but also want it to feel nice under your sheets, then our stretch knit dust mite & bed bug covers are your best choice. They have a thin urethane membrane on the underside of the cover to block 100% of dust mites and their allergens, stop bed bug bites and provide waterproof protection. They also offer an easy to use secure zipper seal to keep bed bugs from entering or escaping. What separates these covers apart from other membrane covers is the polyester stretch knit fabric that feels like jersey cotton. This offers a nice surface to sleep on that is quiet without the feel of plastic under your sheets. The stretch fabric also makes it slightly easier to put on your mattress and reduces the fear of ripping as you pull and tug them into place. (If you have never put a cover on your mattress before, I should warn you it is not a single person job, especially with large, heavy mattresses). These covers are durable, protected by a lifetime warranty and will withstand multiple washings without reducing their efficiency to block dust mites and allergens. These are our top pick for an affordable dust mite or bed bug mattress cover that offers sleeping comfort and excellent protection year after year. They would also be an ideal choice for young children or incontinence thanks to their waterproof protection and washability without reduced efficiency.

White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Mattress Cover


White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Mattress Cover

Technical Specifications of White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Mattress Cover

  White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Mattress Cover
Dust Mite Encasing Fabric
Dust Mite Encasing Fabric Polyester stretch knit w/ urethane lining
Fabric Treatment
Fabric Treatment None
Color White
Thread Count
Thread Count n/a
Waterproof Liner
Waterproof Liner Yes
Average Pore Size
Average Pore Size 0 - no pores
Mattress Depth
Mattress Depth 9, 12, 16

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White Mountain Textiles Stretch Knit Pillow Covers

Includes 2 pillow covers. Impenetrable allergen barrier and Bed Bug proof. Sizes: Standard, Queen, or King.

Availability: In Stock. Ships Same or Next Business Day.




Size Dimensions Depths
Twin 39"W x 75"L 9",12", 16"
Twin XL 39"W x 80"L 9",12", 16"
Full 54"W x 75"L 9",12", 16"
Queen 60"W x 80"L 9",12", 16"
King 78"W x 80"L 9",12", 16"
Cal King 72"W x 84"L 9",12", 16"

Due to Federal Bedding Laws, opened or used bedding is not returnable unless due to defect as covered under the warranty. These dust mite covers are guaranteed to be free of defect in workmanship and materials for 1 year.