Vermont Furniture Heartwood Executive Desk

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Vermont Furniture Heartwood desks for the home office. Choice of solid cherry, maple or walnut wood.

Vermont Furniture Heartwood Executive Desk

30'H x 69.5'W x 30'D. Hand-crafted with high quality, solid cherry, maple or walnut hardwood and hand-rubbed with linseed oil finish.

AVAILABILITY: Because all furniture is hand-crafted, please allow 8-12 weeks for final delivery.

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Nothing matches the modern-day function, beauty and casual sophistication with our Vermont Furniture Heartwood desks. The genuine solid wood and hand-made craftsmanship used throughout presents the look and feel like a cherished family heirloom and will remain a treasured part of your life for years to come. Traditional techniques, such as the use of mortise and tenon joints, combined with an elegant modern design and its rounded lines on the edges express a modern yet confident look. In addition, the solid wood frame and panel side construction sets these desks apart from standard slab-sided furniture. Choose between cherry, maple or walnut wood.

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  • Style: Legs and the undersides of top surfaces have rounded lines for a solid, yet elegant appearance
  • Constructed with solid cherry, maple or walnut wood: Solid wood truly is beauty that lasts a lifetime. Solid hardwood means the grain of the lumber will carry through the core; it has not been engineered or glued. Engineered wood products are manufactured by binding together veneers, wood strands or fibers with toxic glues or adhesives to form a composite material. The look and feel of wood furniture is superior compared to most other types of modern furniture.
  • Experienced Craftsman: Traditional craftsmanship and quality are evident in so many ways down to the use of mortise and tenon joints and floating panel side construction in these hand-made, hand-sanded bedroom furniture sets with hand-rubbed linseed oil finish
  • Floating side panels: Solid hardwood floating panels are used on the sides and is fitted and inserted into the frame. This construction method allows the panel to breathe within the borders of the frame and prevents the piece from warping or cracking. Floating panels are also aesthetically pleasing and add a decorative element to the piece.
  • Lasts a lifetime: Made of beautiful high-quality solid wood enhanced by unbroken lines; craftsman style furniture with solid wood frame and panel side construction sets this furniture apart from standard slab-sided furniture
  • Natural Beauty: Oil finish develops a patina and depth of color unavailable with a lacquer finish
  • Environmentally Friendly Hand-rubbed Linseed Oil Finish: boiled linseed oil thinned with odorless mineral spirits. While raw linseed oil is natural, the 'boiling' process requires the addition of small traces of chemical driers. However it is less toxic to you and the environment, as compared to other finishes such as lacquer, since the process produces no emissions to pollute the air.

    Please note that every species of wood is unique and will react differently to a natural product. For example, soft or porous woods such as pine, alder, birch, fir, cedar and redwood may absorb oil unevenly; some woods may contain tannins and other extractives that will bleed through to the surface and affect appearance.

  • Wood selection: Choice of solid cherry, walnut, or maple beds

Complete instructions along with ongoing care are provided with the furniture at time of purchase. It is suggested that you avoid tung oil and do not use furniture polish, dusting sprays that include a polish, or any wax. Shortly after the desk is placed in your home, re-oiling is recommended, and periodically after that.

Objects should not be left for long periods of time on the flat surfaces, as areas protected from both air and sunlight will darken much more slowly than the surrounding area. Avoid sudden changes in humidity that would be caused by placing your furniture near a direct heat source. Also, there are variations in the color and darkening of individual pieces of wood and no guarantee they will match perfectly as they age. However, this does not affect the overall soundness and beauty of the hand made piece of furniture.

Please understand the limitations of wood and enjoy the process as it breathes along with you.

Vermont Furniture's elegant office furniture sets are bench-crafted with the caring techniques of experienced craftsmen and the greatest attention to quality control. This begins with the careful selection of wood that matches in color and grain.

These desks are securely joined together with mortise and tenon joints to gain the superior strength and flexibility of movement allowed when one block of wood is inserted into another. Traditional solid wood drawers, dovetail construction and smooth steel glides for durability is a choice that will result in the most durable, long-lasting furniture.

All pieces are made with classic, high quality, solid cherry, maple or walnut hardwood, sanded smooth and hand rubbed with a linseed oil finish.

Vermont Furniture Heartwood Executive Desk


Vermont Furniture Heartwood Executive Desk

  • Style: Large desk with 2 file drawers and 2 top drawers—pullout keyboard tray with a drop-down front is an optional add-on. Unique floating side panels on the sides and front of the desk.
  • Drawers: Dovetailed solid wood drawers with smooth steel glides and small round wooden pulls
  • Size: 30'H x 69'W x 30'D
  • Wood: Cherry (shown), Maple or Walnut

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  Vermont Furniture Heartwood Executive Desk

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Furniture Piece Dimensions
Executive Desk 30'H x 69'W x 30'D
Library Desk 30'H x 61'W x 28'D
Study Desk 30'H x 48'W x 28'D

Availability: Please note that all furniture is hand-made and the manufacturing process takes 3-6 weeks. Depending on shipping location, please allow an additional 2-6 weeks for delivery.

Please Note: This is a custom order and not returnable

Shipping and handling charges: Free shipping does not apply to furniture. Shipping charges depend on location and item weight. Please call toll free at 1-888-236-7231 for a shipping quotation.