US Steam Seahawk All-In-One Steam Vacuum Cleaner

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The US Steam Seahawk is a combination steam cleaner and extraction machine, plus it has a vacuum feature that picks up excess water as you are steam cleaning with an cart. It is the first cleaning appliance in the US that offers a combination product in which the steamer and vacuum can operate simultaneously with a standard 110 Volt power outlet. Fast, free shipping. Authorized US Steam dealer.

US Steam Seahawk All-In-One Steam Vacuum Cleaner

The steam cleaner that steam cleans and vacuums up moisture simultaneously includes a cart. Extraction feature for deep cleaning. Built-in HEPA filtration.

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The US Steam Seahawk will change the way you clean your home. This futuristic-looking appliance is a steam cleaner, extraction machine and vacuum cleaner in one single canister with an cart. The Seahawk features a HEPA filter for the removal of microscopic particles from the air you breathe as well as from the air that is exhausted from the Seahawk. You can steam clean your floors, counter tops, bathrooms and kitchen, vacuum your floors and low pile carpets, or clean it all at the same time with this unique, versatile cleaning machine. The Seahawk has an extraction function that is like nothing else in the industry, enabling users to deep clean surfaces like carpeting and mattresses. It comes with an external fill bottle that enables users to use both hot water and steam while they're cleaning, plus the vacuum will remove excess water during use—the vacuum is only intended for picking up residual water from steam cleaning, it is not meant to be used as your primary vacuum. We have not found one product that is able to effectively do all three cleaning functions. We have tested the Seahawk on a variety of surfaces, appliances and carpets and have been nothing short of amazed with its performance. Includes a thoughtful collection of cleaning accessories designed to make your cleaning chores much easier.


Versatility – This steam vacuum cleaner kills and removes bacteria, mold, mildew, allergens, and viruses.

Features – The dual-tank boiler heats and is ready to clean in 5 minutes and can be used all day. The patented water filtration vacuum kills and removes germs, bacteria, and viruses. Includes a HEPA air filter.

High-touch areas – It cleans high-touch area is places like offices, workspaces, desks, chairs, windows, tables, doorknobs, light switches, handles, phones, keyboards, toilets, faucets, sinks.

Countertops – Removes up to 99% of bacteria found on countertops.

Furniture – Removes pet hair on furniture and eliminates odors in area rugs and carpets.

Bedroom – Sanitizes mattresses, KILLS AND REMOVES BED BUGS AND LICE. The vacuum reduces dry time to less than an hour.

Bathroom – Easy no-touch sanitizing of toilets and sinks.

Functionality – Operates on a normal 120V outlet.

Weight: 20 lbs

  • Steam cleans and vacuums up excess moisture simultaneously for the ultimate cleaning performance
  • Extraction function for deep cleaning
  • External fill bottle for using hot water and steam together
  • 4.5 bar operating pressure gives consistent volumes of high-pressure
  • HEPA filtration guarantees clean air is exhausted from the Seahawk
  • An aspirating filter is used to prevent dust and dirt from reaching the vacuum motor
  • 10-minute heat-up time for the water to heat in the boiler
  • Steam trigger on the hose
  • Steam pressure control dial on the canister body
  • Power ON/OFF button
  • Vacuum ON/OFF button
  • Three vacuum speeds: low, medium, max (can only use max speed when using the vacuum alone, without steam or extraction)
  • Vacuum collection tank full indicator
  • Extraction bottle
  • Low-water indicator light and beep alert
  • Steam-ready indicator light
  • Detachable 8' steam hose for easy storage
  • Long 12' power cord
  • Included accessories: 1 hose w/ handle, 2 extension wands, 1 nylon brush, 1 rectangular brush, 1 rubber insert (for use on hard floors), 1 carpet insert (for use on carpets and rugs), 1 jet nozzle, 1 suction nozzle, 1 triangle brush and 1 brush nozzle, and cart
  • Included extraction accessories: 1 extraction bottle, 1 large extraction nozzle, 1 small extraction nozzle, 1 small rubber tip, 1 small rubber tip with brush, 1 small nylon brush, 1 large rubber tip with brush, 1 large rubber insert
  • Made in Italy

To extend the life of your Seahawk, we recommend descaling the boiler and the electronic sensor. After prolonged periods of activity (approximately every 12 months), lime scale deposits make the boilers of most steam cleaners unusable. Your Seahawk comes with an exclusive technology which allows you to clean and inspect the electronic sensors that monitor the boiler water levels. See the owner's manual for the cleaning and inspection process.
The Seahawk's vacuum function is intended for the pick-up of residual moisture that may be left behind from the steam cleaner. The Seahawk is not intended to replace your household vacuum cleaner for regular, everyday vacuuming needs in your home.


  • Wants a cleaning appliance that offers multiple uses
  • Is seeking a durable and effective cleaning machine
  • Needs to kill household allergens such as mold spores, dust mites, bacteria and viruses without the use of harsh chemicals
  • Wants an efficient way to clean their home without spending money on multiple cleaning products

US Steam Seahawk All-In-One Steam Vacuum Cleaner


US Steam Seahawk All-In-One Steam Vacuum Cleaner

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  US Steam Seahawk All-In-One Steam Vacuum Cleaner

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