Stadler Form Tim Portable USB Fan

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Stadler Form Tim Portable USB Fan

Features quiet operation, high or gentle velocity air movement and adaptable mobility. Comes with USB cable and home adapter. Available in colors white, black or chili red.

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Extremely quite and adaptable, the contemporary Stadler Form Tim USB Portable Fan combines style, quiet technology for tremendous air circulation and cooling. Equipped with a USB cable for mobile use and an adapter for home use, this fan will be a constant companion. Whether in the office, sunbathing on the lawn, on the campsite or when travelling: connected to an external battery pack, Tim makes sure the air is always fresh. The continuously variable speed control means he can adapt to every need and you can tailor the refreshment factor: from a gentle breeze to strong wind, anything is possible. Tim is flexible yet precise, thanks to a fan ring that can rotate and tilt for perfect airflow positioning.

  • Continuously adjustable speed settings
  • Rotatable and inclinable fan ring
  • USB cable and adapter included
  • Runs for 24h with a 10’000mA battery pack
  • Base can be removed for flat packing
  • Easy mobility
  • 3 colorways
  • Unique ‘globe’ movement for a targeted breeze


Chili Red



Beautiful, Swiss design combined with gentle to powerful airflow, the Stadler Tim Portable USB Fan provides the perfect breeze anywhere you need.

Stadler Form Tim Portable USB Fan


Stadler Form Tim Portable USB Fan

Technical Specifications of Stadler Form Tim Portable USB Fan

  Stadler Form Tim Portable USB Fan
Noise Level
Noise Level up to 25-44dB
Power Consumption
Power Consumption 10 watts
Dimensions 10.5" x 11.2" x 7.5"
Weight 2.2 lbs

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