Certified Organic Cotton Dust Mite Pillow Covers

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The Certified Organic Cotton Pillow Covers has been discontinued.

Certified organic pillow cover for dust mite allergy protection. Tested and proven dust mite barrier covers. 100% chemical free, SKAL certified organic cotton. Sold as set of two, available in standard, queen or king. See ratings and reviews.

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Choose our certified organic pillow covers and be confident in your choice of dust mite protection. These dust mite barrier covers are not only certified organic cotton, but are lab tested for efficiency at blocking dust mites and their allergens. They are manufactured absolutely chemical-free and ideal for those with allergies, asthma or sensitive skin. Encase your pillows with these certified organic allergen barrier covers and rest assured that you will wake up without the stuffy nose, itchy eyes, or irritated skin cause by dust mite allergies, or chemicals and dyes. These pillow covers are soft, supple, and safe, made from 440 thread count SKAL certified organic cotton fabric that is heat pressed to tighten the fibers to a small 6 micron pore size. Nylon zipper closure provides a tight seal. Sold as set of two, available in standard, queen or king.

  • SKAL Certified Organic Cotton Fabric: Skal is a Dutch International Inspection & Certification Organization. Skal was founded in 1985 as an inspection organization for organic production methods. Skal offers certainty to the consumer that an 'organic' product really originates from an organic production process.
  • Proven Barrier to Dust Mites and their allergens: these pillow covers have been tested by an IBT Reference Lab to prove their efficiency at keeping dust mites and their allergens from passing through the fabric.
  • Small 6 micron pore size: Dust mites range in size from 10-40 microns, but their debris and feces can be much smaller. Therefore, in order to TRULY prevent allergies from dust mites, you need an encasement like these, with a 6 micron pore size. For woven fabrics, a pore size of 6 microns or less is effective at blocking the passage of dust mites and common indoor allergens below detectable limits. (Research results, Univ of Virginia,1999).
  • 100% Chemical-free, undyed organic fabric: made from one of the only manufacturers who truly produce chemical free organic fabric. These dust mite covers have been tested for VOCs by the manufacturer to back their claim. They also do not use dye or bleaching agents of any kind on their encasement fabric.
  • Soft and lightweight: 440 thread count fabric is heat pressed to tighten the fibers and offers a smooth feel.
  • Zip Close: Nylon zipper at one end for secure closure.

Machine wash and dry up to 140 degrees. Can also be hung dry. We recommending washing every 3-4 months or as needed if soiled.

Made from Certified Organic Barrier Fabric imported from Germany. Sewn in the USA.
1. Barrier to Dust Mites (pore size less than 10 microns)
2. Barrier to Dust Mite Allergens (pore size less than 6 microns)
3. Fabric Quality
4. Zipper Quality
5. Construction Quality
6. Sleeping Comfort (quiet and discrete under sheets - no plastic feel)
7. Easy to put on
8. Breathability
9. Durability
10. Value for Price
11. Manufacturer's Warranty


  • Lab tested for barrier efficiency with an average pore size of 6 microns
  • Small pore size of 6 microns will prevent the passage of dust mites and the majority of their allergens
  • Fabric is soft and supple to the touch
  • Breathable, quiet and comfortable to sleep on
  • Easy to use nylon zippers are durable and will not snag like metal zippers
  • Undyed, unbleached fabric is perfect for those with sensitive skin
  • SKAL certified organic cotton
  • Manufactured 100% chemical free, safe for those with Multiple Chemical Sensitivities


  • Organic cotton is more expensive than natural cotton or synthetic covers
  • Pore size is not as small as some of the other encasement fabric we carry, but pore size is still small enough to be a proven barrier to dust mites and their allergens. The 6 micron pore size may not be as effective as smaller pore sizes or a laminate fabric at blocking allergens.
  • As with all woven dust mite covers, these will reduce in efficiency over time as wear and repeated washing will naturally increase the pore size of the fabric. Wash only when necessary to extend the life of these covers.
  • 1 year warranty is disappointing on a quality product like this.


We are very pleased to offer these certified organic cotton dust mite barrier covers to our customers. These dust mite pillow covers have been manufactured with the utmost care to ensure a quality product that is not only tested and certified to be organic by SKAL, but has also been tested by IBT Reference Lab to be a proven allergen barrier after performing a "use simulation test" that attempts to determine if dust mite allergens will pass through the fabric as a result of your movement in bed. On top of the certification and testing, these pillow covers are manufactured using absolutely no chemicals or dyes making them a safe choice for someone with allergies, asthma or sensitive skin. The fabric is soft, lightweight and breathable, which is a necessity for a comfortable pillow cover.

Certified Organic Cotton Pillow Covers


Certified Organic Cotton Pillow Covers

Technical Specifications of Certified Organic Cotton Pillow Covers

  Certified Organic Cotton Pillow Covers
Dust Mite Encasing Fabric
Dust Mite Encasing Fabric Organic cotton
Fabric Treatment
Fabric Treatment None
Color Natural
Thread Count
Thread Count 440
Waterproof Liner
Waterproof Liner No
Average Pore Size
Average Pore Size 6 micron

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Pillow Barrier Covers (Set of two)
Size Dimensions (inches)
Standard 20 x 26
Queen 20 x 32
King 20 x 36

Due to Federal Bedding Laws, opened or used bedding is not returnable unless due to defect as covered under the warranty. These dust mite covers are guaranteed to be free of defect in workmanship and materials for 1 year.