Vornado Replacement Mineral Cartridge

SKU: T2 HU 0018

This replacement mineral cartridge will infuse your Vornado UH100, Ultra1, Ultra2, or Ultra3 humidifier with optimal mineral absorbency. With each use, your air will be kept perfectly humidified and refreshed! Get your replacement cartridge today and breathe easy.

Ultrasonic humidifiers have become very popular over the past ten years and Vornado's Ultra3 Vortex humidifier is a well performing option to consider. What makes this humidifier so great is Vornado's Vortex Action which is essentially a deep bladed fan which results in some very impressive circulation capabilities. In fact, while the Ultras3 is rated at 600 square feet, it will likely do more thanks to the Vortex Action. Additionally, this ultrasonic humidifier can be placed on the floor; a unique feature for an ultrasonic. Normally the moisture output is just too great for floor placement and results in a large, damp area surrounding the humidifier. Because this humidifiers fan is so powerful, there is no concern that the humidity will not evaporate before hitting the floor.On the up side, this humidifier emits a lot of moisture but it doesn't have the level of controls

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