Vapamore MR-100 Primo Vapor Steam Cleaners


The Vapamore MR-100 Primo uses steam to deep clean, remove stains and kill germs, bacteria and dust mites without the use of harsh chemicals. Eco-friendly, non-toxic and effective. Includes a manufacturer's lifetime warranty on boiler, heating element and all internal electronic parts. Fast, free shipping.

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  • User-friendly, lightweight and compact steam cleaner
  • Single fill boiler constructed of stainless steel
  • Regulator control on unit
  • On-board storage compartment
  • Equipped with a Ceme Italian solenoid to eliminate water and condensation build up in the hose
  • Indicator lights for heating and in-use
  • Attachments twist and lock securely into place
  • Hassle free retractable power cord
  • Solid rubberized wheels
  • Carry handle with rubber grip
  • Included accessories: steam gun & hose, floor cleaning head, triangle corner brush, 2 extension tubes, water level dipstick, carpet slider, microfiber floor pad, detail accessory adapter, jet nozzle tool, detail scraper tool, nylon grout brush, nylon brush (medium), nylon brush (large), brass metal brush, clothes/fabric tool, fabric tool cotton cover, smooth surface squeegee, measuring cup, fill funnel, accessory storage bag and a replacement o-ring set
  • Lifetime warranty on boiler, heating element and all internal electronic parts
  • Boiler Temperature: 250°F
  • Tip Temperature: 210° - 220°F
  • Operating Pressure: 3.5 Bar Permissible Pressure: 5 Bar
  • Continuous Refill: No
  • Pressure Gauge: Yes
  • Tank Capacity: 1.6 liters
  • Heat up time: 11 minutes
  • Operating Time: 50 €“ 60 minutes
  • Hose length: 6 ft.
  • Power Cord Length: 18 ft.
  • Boiler Material: Stainless steel
  • Wattage & Power Consumption : 1500 watts, 120V, 60Hz
  • Dimensions: 13";L x 15";H x 10";D
  • Weight: 10.5 lbs.
  • Warranty: 1 yr parts, accessories, housing. Lifetime warranty boiler, heating element, internal electronic parts
Our reviewers were pleased with the quality of the accessory tools, steam pressure and temperature. The MR-100 Primo is ideal for removing stains, grease, dirt, cleaning tile grout, as well as destruction of bed bugs and dust mites. The new Primo offers improved compact design, stronger construction, longer cleaning time and additional accessory tools, yet it is still set at the same affordable price point! After much testing and review we are proud to offer the Vapamore Primo as an economical and user-friendly solution for those who are just beginning to steam clean or are seeking a handy unit for quick, light cleaning a few times a month.

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Have only tried it on a few different applications and so far it has been a very useful tool.