The Pure Rejuvenation Mattress


The Pure Rejuvenation Mattress features 3 layers of foam that you can configure to your sleeping preferences. The layers include Memory foam, Stretch layer, and Core layer. The Memory foam layer is the softest layer designed for comfort and pressure relief. This foam is non-temperature reactive, so it won’t retain heat throughout the night. You’ll stay cool all night long.

The Stretch layer is the firmest layer and is designed to create soft tension, improving the health of your joints, spine, and neck. This key layer also helps prevent back pain. The Core layer is the stabilizing layer, providing optimal support for shoulders, lower spine and pelvis. It’s also made from Superior Cold Foam for durability. This innovative mattress was based on consultations from Europe’s foremost back specialist and provides a great night’s rest for anyone looking to improve their sleep performance.

Size: Queen
  • 6 unique configurations per side
  • 100% handmade in Switzerland
  • Innovative design based on consultation with Europe's foremost back specialist
  • Proprietary Swiss foams provide greater durability than other foam mattresses on the market
  • Tencel fabric cover chosen for improved health benefits + easy-to-wash design
  • Available in King and Queen