Stadler Form Ben Humidifier


Cozy up with Stadler Form Ben Humidifier featuring 3-in-1 benefits-- humidifying, scenting, and creating a realistic fireplace effect with Amber Light™. Enjoy smooth adjustable settings to control the strength of the flame and fragrance, all while producing an extra-fine mist for maximum comfort. Refillable water tank allows for relaxed effortless use. Relax and recreate a soothing atmosphere with one powerful device.

Color: White
  • Sit back, take a deep breath and relax. A cosy evening by the open fire is a cinch with Ben‘s 3-in-1 features. He humidifies and scents the air in the room, whilst bathing it in the amber light of the fireplace effect. Ben is an air humidifier, aroma diffuser and fireplace effect in one. The essential oils are added directly to the water, ensuring intensive fragrancing. Ben produces an extra-fine mist that is ideally distributed around the room, whilst the Amber Light™ creates a remarkably realistic flame effect that is totally safe and soot free. The strength can be adjusted smoothly from gently flickering flames with a subtle fragrance, to a blazing fire. The removable water tank can be refilled during operation. The illuminated water level indicator and the flame effect can be dimmed or switched off completely to prevent your well-deserved moments of relaxation from being disturbed. Ben will transform any room into a cosy oasis of calm.
  • Realistic-looking open fire for a feel-good atmosphere
  • Intense fragrancing with choice of aroma
  • Fast humidification thanks to ultrasonic technology
  • Room size 25m²
  • Model Number: B-001, B-002
  • Color: White, Black
  • Accessories (included): Water Cube
  • Room size m²: 25
  • Capacity: 160 g/h
  • Power consumption: 24W
  • Water tank capacity: 2.5 l
  • Noise level: 27 – 30 dB(A)
  • Weight: 3.75Lbs
  • Dimensions: 13.3x8.1x5.3