SinuPulse Elite Advanced Nasal Sinus Irrigation System


Cleanse and clear your sinuses with the SinuPulse Elite nasal irrigator. Utilizing two sinus tips, you can naturally and gently relieve allergies and improve your sinus health with confidence. Enjoy a greater sense of well-being with ratings and reviews.

  • Helps relieve symptoms of sinusitis, allergies, rhinitis, post nasal drip, congestion and more.
  • State-of-the-Art design developed on nearly 30 years of pulsatile irrigation experience
  • 30% greater flow rate for rapid pulsatile irrigation and penetrating rinse
  • IntelliPulse™ technology for a calibrated pulse rate to enhance ciliary flow
  • Fully adjustable water control for comfort and control
  • Includes 2 Sinus Irrigation Tips (containing no rubber or latex):
    • Standard Flex Sinus Tip™ for general cleansing and irrigation
    • SinuMist® Sinus Irrigator Tip for a moisturizing mist spray
  • Includes 2 Throat Irrigation Tips:
    • Standard Throat Tip & Tongue Cleaner™ for cleansing and irrigating
    • Throat Mist Irrigator Tip & Tongue Cleaner™ for a moisturizing mist spray
  • Includes 30 pre-measured packets of SinuAir formulated powdered nasal moisturizer and irrigation solution
  • Advanced "Flex Tip" design for added comfort and flexibility
  • Tank is antimicrobial and resistant to premature wear that can be caused by use of saline solutions
  • Extra large, see through water reservoir including dust cover, flip lid, and standard and metric measurement scale
  • Made of medical-grade polypropylene which is recyclable and will not leach into the water
  • Quiet operation
  • LED display function
  • Electronic micro touch switch
  • EZ Touch button on handle for pause, on/off control and adjustable pressure control
  • Clog free and leak resistant design
  • FDA Registered, UL and CE approved
  • Dimensions: 8.5";L x 4.75";H x 3.5";D (without nasal tip)
  • Weight: Approx 3 lbs
  • Pulsating Sprays: 2 Pulsating Modes - Pulsating Spray Mist and Pulsating Cleansing Rinse
  • Color: White unit with 1 light blue transluscent blue pulsating mist tip and 1 dark blue pulsating rinse tip and respective throat irrigator tips
  • Power Supply: AC 120V/60Hz/40W
  • Pulsation: 1250 PPM
  • Adjustable Flow Control: Fully variable dial on unit and push button on handle for finger tip control and greater comfort
  • Working Time: 500cc/Approx 48 sec (at highest setting with pulsating cleansing tip)
  • Tank Volume: 700ml (max)
  • UL listed & FDA registered: Yes