SDH 100% Natural Fabric Care


Experience the luxury of 100% natural fabric care with SDH's Fine Fabric Wash and exclusive Dryer Sachets! Ensuring your linens last for years to come, the Fine Fabric Wash is free of any dyes, perfumes, phosphates or chlorine, and has a clean citrus scent. Enjoy the refreshing, renewing aroma of French Lavender blossoms with the Dryer Sachets. Experience the ultimate in luxury fabric care!

Fine Fabric Wash: Clean citrus scent with no dyes, perfume, alcohol, phosphates, petroleum solvents, brightening agents or chlorine. (6 32-oz bottles)

Dryer Sachets: Chemical free fabrics filled with 100% French Lavender blossoms. The dryer acts as a steamer releasing the renewing scent of lavender. (6 Pairs of Sachets)

Style: Fabric wash