Royal-Latex Quilt-Top Mattress Bed Set


Royal-Pedic Mattress, Boxspring, and Mattress Pads are available as Twin Mattress,Twin XL Mattress, Full Mattress, Queen Mattress, Cal King Mattress, Est. King Mattress, or Crib Mattress. Bed Set includes Royal-Pedic Mattress and Boxspring. Frame and Mattress Pads may be added.

Size: Twin
  • The Royal Latex Quilt-Top is the plusher latex mattress version in the Classic Collection featuring our Swiss designed, 7-Zone Talalay latex core with sumptuous quilted surface padding for luxurious comfort. It’s great on a box spring, platform bed, or adjustable electric bed because it naturally will bend and flex to your desired position.
  • Royal-Pedic then covers the ingredients with Royal-Pedic's luxurious 100% cotton, Belgium damask fabric
  • The mattress is then expertly hand tufted with European tufting straps to further compress the cotton padding, and maximize orthopedic back support and comfort.
  • Mattress Thickness: 9″- 9.5″ approx.
  • Box Spring: 8″ standard, or 6″ low profile upon request
  • Breathable All Cotton Covering
  • Exquisite French Wool to Wick Away Moisture
  • Natural Flame Barrier
  • Comfort Fill for Added Plushness
  • Ergonomically Designed 7-Zone Latex Core
  • Pin-Core Construction
  • Hypoallergenic, Dust Mite Resistant
  • Symmetrically Designed
  • Consistent Support Regardless of Room Temperature
  • Two Sided Construction for Longevity
  • Double Diamond Box Spring
  • Twin: 39" x 75"
  • Twin XL: 39" x 80"
  • Full: 54" x 75"
  • Queen: 60" x 80"
  • California King: 72" x 84"
  • Eastern King: 76" x 80"
    Royal Pedic Shipping Policy & Mattress Setup Policy
  • Royal-Pedic Deluxe Adjustable Electric BedsFree within the Continental U.S. Additional shipping charges will have to be quoted by for other locations.
  • A 'stair carry' charge of $50 per flight will be added for items over 250 lbs. for each flight of stairs over the 2nd floor.
  • Beds are custom-made and take about 5-7 business days to make. Shipping takes 2-3 weeks after beds are made.
  • Once the bed is ready for delivery, an installer will call and arrange a convenient time/date to deliver and install the bed.
  • Option: Removal and disposal of old mattress/boxspring is available for $100 per bed set.
  • In case you need to return it (custom orders are not returnable), please instruct the driver to leave the original packaging in your home rather than take it away. This is due to the difficulty in repackaging mattresses. If you return the mattress without its original packaging there may be a restocking fee.
Our first Royal Pedic bed was the Royal Latex with an additional 3 inch pillowtop for that floating on air kind of feeling. The manufacturer had recommended that we add the pillowtop as it would wear out sooner than the bed itself and could be replaced easily and more cheaply than the entire mattress. We are now ten years and counting with still no visible signs of wear on the bed. When my husband first climbed into the bed, which incidentally he had not been in favor of buying because of the expense and because he “knew all about” mattresses and had bought the old one, he exclaimed that I was spoiling him and he would never want to get out of bed again. So one must assume he noticed the difference! The only drawback to buying a mattress of this quality is that it makes you cranky when you travel, as suddenly you will have an aching back in the mornings when you get out of the hotel bed. A latex mattress is very kind to ones back and aching joints, and for an arthritis sufferer it helps a great deal to lessen that early morning stiffness. Since I have long been a fan of Royal Pedic mattresses when a customer of ours canceled a custom order a couple of years back to upgrade to a more expensive model, I nobly said I would take this mattress into my own home for our guest room. When I first felt the Royal Pedic quilt top mattress, which is the most popular in the Royal Pedic line, I worried that it might be too hard given I was used to the pillowtop version. I confess to being pleasantly surprised. I gave the mattress a test run on my aching back and was transported to mattress heaven. I could feel that whichever way I moved on the mattress it was immediately responsive and if I turned over, the latex immediately regained its original shape. I decided it was the perfect place to do my stretching exercises instead of the floor and you will not be surprised to learn that after stretching I fell deeply asleep until my husband found me several hours later. Right now I have changed to sleeping on the quilt top instead of the pillowtop just so I can do my morning exercises in bed! I am always amazed why people rush to buy new cars every three years but keep their mattresses until it has ruts, lumps and bumps and they wake up feeling bruised in the morning. I can recommend this brand of mattresses without hesitation; sleeping well gives you a whole new attitude to life and these latex mattresses will do it for you. I cannot recommend them more highly! (by Mercia Tapping, CEO/President)

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Terrific mattress!


Terrific mattress!


Terrific mattress!