Envirosept Furnace Filter Replacement Collector Pads (12 Pack)

Envirosept electronic furnace filters are designed to clean the air in your entire home with greater efficiency then disposable furnace filters. Permanent solution for cleaner indoor air. 30-day no hassle returns & Free Shipping
Size: 11.5" x 11.5"
  • 35 standard sizes (including oversized filters)
  • Easy installation for new and existing air handling systems.
  • Replaces existing filters
  • 24-volt AC power supply can plug into any standard electrical outlet.
  • Comes with 12 collector pads.
  • Inexpensive disposable collector pads are easily replaced as required.
  • Saves money - costs up to 70% less than most electrostatic precipitators and utilizes 95% less electrical consumption.
For a first line of defense against airborne particles, these furnace filters do the job of an effective air filter for the entire home. We highly recommended these air filters for people with homes that have forced hot air heating or cooling systems. This furnace filter air cleaner system will help drastically decrease the high particle count indoors, reducing the number of allergy or asthma triggers.