Crescent Moon Alpaca Wool Mattress Pads


Crescent Moon alpaca wool mattress pads feature an organic cotton cover and organically grown alpaca and sheep wool filling inside for a warm, comfortable and healthy sleep. These wool mattress pads do not harbor dust-mites or their allergens that can cause asthma and allergies in the bedroom.

Size: Twin
  • 260 thread count 100% organic cotton outer covering
  • Wool is all natural and sheered from organically grown alpaca and sheep
  • It does not contain any chemicals, dyes or bleaches
  • Wool naturally resists dust mites and their allergens
  • Wool naturally regulates temperature and absorbs moisture to provide a dry comfortable sleep
  • Wool is naturally fire resistant - not added chemical treatment needed
  • Durable and will last several years
  • The Alpaca/sheep wool blend takes longer to compress than a pure sheep wool fill
  • Construction: Quilted
  • Materials: Fill: 70% alpaca wool and 30% sheep woolCover: organic cotton
  • Colors: Natural
  • Key Features: Elastic corner straps
  • Mattress Pad Warranty: Limited 5-year warranty on workmanship.
Crescent Moon alpaca wool mattress pads are an ideal choice for a hypoallergenic mattress pad that is comfortable, durable and allergen-free. They are also dust mite resistant and make an excellent all-natural choice for those who can not tolerate synthetics. Wool fill is a great sleeping surface for those who tend to overheat at night as it is a natural temperature regulator, wicks moisture away and drys fast.