Crane Replacement Wick Filters

SKU: CJ HU 1937

Crane Travel Humidifier Filter Set includes 5 Replacement Wick pieces. Humidifier Wick Set for Crane Travel Humidifier. Travel Humidifier Wicks absorb water and filter out minerals, allowing the device to produce cool mist without white dust.


  • Replacement wicks keep Crane travel humidifiers operating at their best and prolong their use
  • Wicks absorb water and filter Out dissolved minerals and bacteria, preventing white dust
  • Wicks change color when they're ready to be replaced: just remove the wick from the base, Twist it, pull it Out, slide in a replacement wick, and then Twist it to ensure it's securely in place
  • Product;Dimensions (in.): 6.7"W x 3.4"L x 0.35"D
  • Product Weight (lbs.): 0.25lbs.