Boneco W200 Air Washer

The Boneco W200 air washer features 2-in-1 functionality for year-round humidification and air purification in spaces up to 540 sq. ft. in size. Includes an innovative evaporative mat for high-efficiency performance. 1.18-gallon capacity. See our expert rating & reviews. Fast, free shipping.
  • 2-in-1 humidification and air filtration
  • For spaces up to 540 square feet in size
  • Cleans air of large particles like pollen and dust
  • 3-dimensional evaporator mat
  • Manual control via turn-switch
  • 2 performance levels for day and night mode
  • Air inlet on the top of the unit
  • Air outlets on the sides of the unit
  • Automatic shut-off when the water base is empty
  • Red LED light illuminates when the water base is empty
  • Fragrance container for utilizing essential oils (oils not included)
  • Easy-to-fill, direct-fill water basin
  • Easy operation and easy cleaning
  • Plastic components are dishwasher-safe and the evaporative mat is machine washable
  • 1.9-gallon humidity output per day
  • 1.18-gallon tank capacity
  • Decibels: 30–44 dB(A)
  • Low power consumption
  • Long service life
  • Color: white
  • Manufacturer's 5-year warranty
  • Room Coverage: Up to 540 sq. ft.
  • Tank Capacity: 1.18 gallons
  • Auto Shut-Off: Yes
  • Noise Level: 30€“44 dB(A)
  • Power Supply: 120V, 60 Hz, 13 & 23 watts
  • Weight: 11.02 lbs.
  • Dimensions: 11.02";w x 11.02";d x 16.22";h
  • Warranty: 5 years
The Boneco W200 air washer offers year-round humidification and air purification in areas up to 540 square feet in size. It features a 3-dimmensional evaporator mat that turns through the water basin, picking up water that evaporates and adds moisture into the air. The air will only draw in as much moisture as it needs, ensuring your space is properly humidified. The W200 also provides relief for allergy sufferers because the water acts as a natural filter, cleaning the air of allergens like pollen and dust. The W200 air washer is easy to operate, provides natural humidification and it will look great in your home as well.

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