Boneco P500 Replacement Allergy Filter


The Boneco P500 air purifier offers quiet, automatic operation for the allergy sufferer. Ideal for bedrooms, offices, family rooms or any area up to 720 sq. ft. See Boneco P500 ratings and reviews.

  • Combination Pre-filter, HEPA filter and Carbon filter for high quality air
  • Ultra-quiet operation
  • Auto mode for set-it and forget-it peace of mind
  • Sleep mode operates the unit at it's most quiet setting
  • An Energy Saving mode utilizes less electricity
  • Visual air quality display
  • Two additional optional filters include:
    • The Baby filter for nurseries: Combination of an enzyme filter, HEPA filter (E12)and an activated carbon filter
    • The Smog filter for urban dwellings: Electrically charged HEPA filter (E11) flockedwith activated carbon
  • A fragrance container for adding fragrances is on thebackside of the P500
  • CADR rated
  • UL certified
  • Designed in Switzerland
  • Made in China
You will really appreciate the design and features offered by Boneco's first air purifier. The P500 features handsome good looks suitable for any environment while it also runs quietly and effectively. Perhaps most importantly, Boneco has created three unique and reasonably priced replacement filters available for you to custom tailor the P500 to your individual concerns. Thoughtful features such as automatic operation, a quiet sleep mode and timer ensures the P500 will run when and how you prefer. Our product testers all agree that Boneco has made an impressive first air purifier with the P500 and that this will be a welcome addition in any home.

Customer Reviews

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Susan Thomas
Review on Boneco P500 air filter.

The filters are great! I replace it once a year. If they get dusty or dirty before then just vacuum with a hand held vacuum. Air quality is so much better in our house using this system and filter. The Allergy Buyers Club had a slightly better price on the filter. The shipment was fast. I was very pleased with the service.