Boneco Anti-Mineral Pads for Steam Humidifiers 6 Pack


The Anti-Mineral-Pad is developed especially for the BONECO steam humidifiers. It decreases the calcification of the vaporizer basin and reduces the frequency of the necessary decalcification. Depending on the water hardness, the pad has to be exchanged every 2–4 weeks.

Use for Steam Humidifier S200, S250 and S450

  • Warm vapor humidification
  • Built-in digital hygrostat for controlled humidification
  • Soft-touch control panel
  • LCD digital display with automatic dimmer
  • Desired humidity level settings: 30% - 70%
  • Auto-Mode: Automatically presets relative humidity to 50%
  • Econ-mode: Automatically presets relative humidity to 45%
  • 3 output levels: Low, Medium or High
  • Self-cleaning Decalcification Mode for easy maintenance and cleaning
  • On and Off timers allow you to set when the humidifier turns on and off each day
  • Automatic shut-off with tank empty indicator
  • Cleaning indicator
  • Removable 2 gallon water tank with handle for easy refills
  • Flat tank shape for easy water filling
  • Made in Korea
The Boneco by Air O Swiss S450 is a remarkable humidifying gem, fusing traditional vaporizer technology with modern state of the art construction, materials and user controls. While the S450 humidifier is not as silent as its ultrasonic rivals, it does remain very quiet and fine for a bedroom. We like that the boiler technology eliminates virtually all bacteria and impurities that often concern humidifier owners. The self cleaning Decalcification-Mode makes cleaning a breeze and is unique to the Boneco by Air O Swiss S450. This is a simple and straight forward humidifier design that will be very appealing for those who are not fans of ultrasonic humidifiers.