Bluewater Cleone RO Water Purification System One Year Filter Service Pack


The Bluewater Cleone 2 water purifier seamlessly joins clean water and your home for the ultimate in peace of mind. Filters up to 43 gallons of water per day. Authorized Bluewater dealer.

  • Purifies up to 43 gallons of water a day
  • Intelligent membrane flush ensures water is always fresh
  • 5 stage filtration and optimal RO performance
  • State of the art engineering provides long term reliability
  • Leak protection system prevents water leaks
  • Includes faucet hardware
  • Includes all installation materials
  • Includes 4.5 gallon water tank
  • Includes water quality monitor
  • Features a filter maintenance indicator
  • Created to treat highly polluted waters
  • Reduces organic chemicals, inorganic compounds, VOC's, heavy metals
  • Removes suspended solids, pathogenic bacteria, cysts
  • Average contaminant reduction rates:
    • Salt: 93-99%
    • Copper: 99%
    • Cysts: 99%
    • Fluoride: 98%
    • Lead: 99%
    • Nitrates: 98%
    • Nitrites: 97%
    • Turbidity: 99%
  • NSF/ANSI 58 certified
  • Award-winning Swedish design
  • Professional installation recommended
Clean, contaminant-free water is key to good health and the Bluewater Cleone 2 water filtration system guarantees that your family will drink only the freshest, best quality water you can offer. The Bluewater Cleone 2 water filtration system offers impressive contaminant removal through 3-stage pre-filtration, a reverse osmosis bladder and then through a post filter for up to 99% contaminant reduction.