Airpura 18 lb. Replacement Carbon Filter for R, UV, & P Series Air Purifiers


Experience optimal air purification with the 18 lb. carbon replacement filter for Airpura's R600/614/700/714, UV600/700, and P600/600+/700/700+ Series Air Purifiers. This high-quality filter absorbs and eliminates odors, smoke, VOCs, and other air pollutants, allowing for improved air quality and a healthier living environment. Replace the filter every two years for maximum efficiency and optimal air quality. Enjoy clean air for years to come!

Coconut carbon is the standard filter, anthracite is used as a substitute if you are allergic to coconut. All filters contain potassium iodine, if you are allergic to iodine please select the potassium permanganate.

Material: Coconut Carbon