The Pure Company Portable Air Purifier with Free 100% Pure Allergy-Friendly Essential Oil Set

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Travelling can surprise and amaze you - and so can some of the odors you encounter along the way. With the Pure Company's Portable Air Purifier and a set of our allergy-friendly 100% Pure Essential Oils, stale indoor spaces can take a back seat to your naturally adventurous spirit. Created for the person-on-the-go, the Portable Air Purifier is lightweight, maintenance-free, features an aromatherapy option, and has its own deluxe carrying bag. It's the best thing to happen to travel since wheels on suitcases!


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Product Specifications

Room Size: Personal Space
Size: 2.5" H, 5" D
Weight: Less than one pound


  • Perfectly sized for hotel rooms, bathrooms, small bedrooms and laundry rooms
  • Easy to use, no-mess aromatherapy solution
  • Cleans personal spaces with safe, filter-less ionization air purification
  • Compact and lightweight for travel
  • Includes a cloth drawstring carrying bag
  • Aromatherapy option for use with 100% pure essential oils
  • Aromatherapy pad included
  • AC/DC power adapter included
  • The crisp, cool smell of peppermint is both invigorating and soothingh
  • When diffused, eucalyptus can aid in decongestion
  • Tea tree’s signature scent is camphorous and clearing
  • 100% pure essential oils contain no synthetics, fillers, chemicals or VOCs
  • Oils are handcrafted from wild, cultivated sources